The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5391

Seeing the three near-anti-aircraft guns being moved out of the container by the soldiers of the Wanlong Palace, Lang Hongjun was secretly speechless. He also heard from Wan Pojun that he was asked to help with the near-anti-aircraft guns. I don’t know anything, but fortunately, I am very experienced in electronic technology-related technologies.

This is the first time for Lang Hongjun to observe a close-range anti-aircraft gun. He thought it was a large machine gun before, but when it was in front of him, he realized that the size of this thing is so big, especially the Six gun barrels as thick as arms, thick and long, not imposing.

The whole near-defense gun looks like the turret part of a tank. The muzzle can move up and down, and the base of the turret can turn left and right, so the fire coverage is very large.

Lang Hongjun saw the soldiers of the Wanlong Palace assembling non-stop, and couldn’t help but said to the Wanpojun beside him: “Master Wandian, can such a fierce weapon be bought casually now?”

Wan Pojun nodded, and said casually, “In Eastern Europe, you basically just buy whatever you want.”

Lang Hongjun asked in surprise: “Is there no one to care about?”

Wan Pojun shook his head and said with a smile: “No one cares about this kind of thing here, and no one cares about private transactions. The weapons and equipment used by various armed forces in Africa are basically bought from here.”

Lang Hongjun said: “I can still understand buying an AK47, isn’t it a bit arrogant to buy a close-in anti-aircraft gun…”

Wan Pojun pointed to one of the close-in anti-aircraft guns, and said with a smile: “This thing is also an AK, but the caliber is a little bigger, 30mm.”

Saying that, Wan Pojun smacked his lips and said to Lang Hongjun, “Brother Lang, I have a question for you.”

Lang Hongjun hurriedly said, “Say it.”

Wan Pojun opened his mouth and said: “Look, I plan to arrange these three close-in anti-aircraft guns in the glass room at the three commanding heights above. It can be opened, but the installation requirements of this thing are very high. To ensure the accuracy of shooting and no drum obstructions, when using the roadbed, it must be firmly fixed on the reinforced concrete base. It is not difficult to fix, but Mr. Ye I hope that I can quickly withdraw these three close-in defense guns when I’m done using them up, and the sooner the better, how can I achieve it? I’m afraid it will take a long time to manually disassemble and assemble, but once this thing is really fired, I don’t have much time to evacuate, is there any way for me to dismantle it within a minute and lift it away with a helicopter?”

Holding his chin, Lang Hongjun walked around the anti-aircraft gun, and said, “The requirement for this thing is to fix it with heavy-duty bolts to ensure that it does not shake when shooting, right?”

Wan Pojun nodded: “Yes!”

Lang Hongjun thought for a while and said, “If you can even buy this thing, then it shouldn’t be a big problem to buy a few explosive bolts?”

“Explosive bolt?” Wan Pojun asked curiously, “What is that for?”

Lang Hongjun said: “Multi-stage rockets are used in aerospace, you know. To put it bluntly, a three-stage rocket is three rockets connected together. When launching, the first-stage rocket is ignited first. After reaching a certain altitude, the fuel consumption of the first-stage rocket will be reduced.” It’s almost the same, and it is necessary to quickly realize the separation from the second-stage rocket, and then the second-stage rocket will ignite and fly quickly, but the solidity requirements of the rocket’s connection are also very high, and its rapid separation requirements must be completed in an instant, so aerospace Scientists in China invented a kind of explosive bolt. To put it bluntly, the heavy-duty bolt has a built-in blasting device and an ignition device. When needed, as long as the electricity is turned on, the entire bolt can be directly exploded, and then it can be separated instantly.”

Wan Pojun recalled the scene of the rocket launch, suddenly realized, and blurted out: “I know, that thing is really fast. Generally speaking, when the booster separates, it explodes in an instant.”

“Yes!” Lang Hongjun nodded, and said: “This thing is very accurate, and it can ensure that only itself will be blown up, and the equipment connected to it will not be damaged. It is not only used for rockets, but also for the escape seats of fighter pilots. With that, the hard connection can be undone in an instant.”

Speaking, Lang Hongjun said again: “You use explosive bolts to fix these three cannons. When you need to detonate the bolts, this thing will be separated from the base. If you want to go faster, you should prepare the slings in advance. When the time comes, the explosion will be disconnected, and the helicopter will hang up the sling and take it away directly.”

“Good idea!” Wan Pojun clenched his fists excitedly, and blurted out, “Thank you Brother Lang, I’ll arrange for people to go shopping.”

at the same time.

Osu City, the Nordic capital.

Jiangong Bo Ou Bojun, who had already parted ways with Dingyuan Boyun Ruge, was sitting in a bar in Aosu City drinking.

In the past few days, he started from Bergen and investigated all the way, wanting to know where the missing cavalry guards went, but he has not found any clues related to them.

In fact, when he was in Bergen, he thought about two directions.

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