The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5392

Since I am on the line of Cha Xiao’s cavalry guards, on the one hand, I can find out where the Xiao Xiao cavalry guards went after Bergen disappeared, and on the other hand, I can also find out what special circumstances the Xiao Xiao cavalry guards had before they came to Bergen .

Among them, the former is naturally the best choice.

Because only by finding the whereabouts of Xiaoqiwei, can we know who rescued Lin Wan’er.

As for the latter, we can only hope that there are some shady problems in Xiaoqiwei himself, otherwise, it is basically a waste of time to check this line forward.

Therefore, Ou Bojun took the lead in choosing the former, and checked in Northern Europe for several days.

I searched all the way to Ausu City, but still haven’t found any clues.

When he was depressed, he simply found a bar in Osu City and had a drink.

However, just when he felt a little bit drunk, his mobile phone suddenly received a message from a virtual number, the content was only six short words: the meeting will be held in half an hour.

He reluctantly put away his cell phone, took out two banknotes and put them under the wine glass, got up and walked out of the bar.

Back at the hotel where he was staying, Ou Bojun washed up and opened a special software on his phone on time.

After opening the software, he first entered and exited the password, and then did facial recognition and voice recognition. After all passed, his account was automatically pulled into the online meeting room by the system.

On the phone screen at this time, there are five matchbox-sized screens in total, one of which is in the middle, and the remaining four are distributed on the four corners of the phone screen.

However, three of the five screen frames are completely black, showing that they have not been connected yet, and only two people have connected, namely Oberjun who appears in the upper right corner of the real-time screen, and an old man with white beard in the upper left corner.

Seeing the white-bearded old man, Ou Bojun bowed his hands respectfully, and said with a smile: “Uncle Chang Sheng, where is your old man now?”

“Yanjing.” Chang Shengbo said two words lightly.

Ou Bojun hurriedly asked: “Then do you have any clues to discover Lin Wan’er?”

“No.” Uncle Chang Sheng shook his head, still cherishing words like gold.

Ou Bojun stretched his waist, yawned and said: “Oh… this girl is really cunning!”

Just as he was talking, the lower left corner showed that someone was connected, and the face of a middle-aged man appeared on the screen.

Ou Bojun stretched out his hand and said hello: “Uncle Zhongyong, isn’t life in New York very pleasant?”

The man called Uncle Zhongyong smiled and said, “I’m waiting to come out this time to solve the problems of the Lord of England. For me, it’s the same everywhere.”

At this time, the screen in the lower right corner also lit up, and Dingyuan Boyun Ruge appeared in the screen.

Seeing that she seemed to be sitting alone on a business jet, Ou Bojun asked, “Where is Uncle Dingyuan going?”

Yun Ruge said indifferently: “I’ll go to the Far East to have a look. The land there is sparsely populated, which meets the conditions Lin Wan’er needs to hide.”

Oberjun asked in surprise: “Going to the Far East?! Why didn’t you say hello in advance?”

Yun Ruge said casually: “You and I chose different directions, so it doesn’t make sense for me to greet you.”

Ou Bojun was about to say something, but the middle screen suddenly lit up, and the expressions of the four of them were all terrified, and then they all stopped talking immediately.

The picture in the middle changed from pitch black to white light, and no other objects or even outlines could be seen.

Immediately afterwards, I heard a voice processed by a voice changer and asked coldly: “How are you all checking?!”

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