The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5394

The hero said coldly: “The hidden strength of the An family should be much stronger than what we know. I even suspect that there is a high probability that the An family will also be protected by a master who is proficient in aura, and after the last failure, we have already alarmed the snake. , you must be careful and careful.”

Uncle Zhongyong immediately said: “This subordinate obeys!”

Seeing that Chang Shengbo and Zhongyong Bo have finished their reports, Jiangong Bo, Ou Bojun, respectfully said: “My lord, my subordinates are currently investigating the clues of the disappearance of Xiao Qiwei in Aosu City, but there is no progress so far, please punish me, my lord!”

Lord Ying said: “The dead men in New York and the disappearance of the Nordic cavalry guards should be the same person or the same organization behind the scenes. The other party is powerful and cautious. It is not so easy to investigate clearly. .”

After all, the British Lord said again: “I think, compared with these two failures, the more important issue is that they seem to know our movements very well. Those two missions are top secret among top secrets. Before the mission was carried out, we Even the four of you didn’t tell, but the other party was able to know in advance and snipe accurately, proving that someone from the other party must have infiltrated into us.”

Jiangong Bo Ou Bojun slandered in his heart: “Actually, the last time Lin Wan’er appeared in Northern Europe, instead of dispatching troops from Cyprus, the British Lord might as well send any one of the four of us there. In that case, not only can Lin Wan’er be captured alive, but the Secretly targeting the mysterious forces that broke the Qing Dynasty, we can kill two birds with one stone! I don’t know why this old guy leaves the four of us alone, but insists on sending a group of valiant cavalry to carry out such an important task!”

Thinking of this, he immediately said: “Master Ying, if there is news of Lin Wan’er next time, this subordinate is willing to go there with all his might!”

The British Lord did not speak for a while, but waited for a few seconds before directly changing the topic, and said: “I think it is impossible for you to find any clues in Northern Europe. Why don’t you trace the source and see where we are? The link leaked.”

Uncle Jiangong was slightly stunned for a moment, he didn’t understand at first why the hero turned a blind eye to his loyal attitude, but at this moment, he suddenly realized that he seemed to have made a big mistake!

He thought anxiously in his heart: “The reason why the British Lord didn’t let the four of us catch Lin Wan’er was because he didn’t want us to have too much contact with Lin Wan’er, and he was even worried that we would get the ring that he dreamed of getting. I even took the initiative to invite Ying, isn’t this just asking for trouble?”

Fortunately, the English lord just changed the subject and didn’t say much to him, so he hurriedly said flatteringly: “The English lord is wise, since you can’t find out the whereabouts of those people, then your subordinates will go and investigate. So many links, where is the problem!”

The British Lord said coldly: “You will set off for Italy tomorrow, and go to the Governor’s Mansion of the Right Army to meet with the Governor of the Right Army, Wu Shutong. When I arrested Lin Wan’er, I directly conveyed the secret order to him, and he was responsible for carrying it out. I don’t doubt his sincerity, but I doubt whether his subordinates will leak the news to the outside world, you must find out what the problem is when you go this time.”

Uncle Jiangong said without hesitation: “My lord, don’t worry, my subordinates will definitely do their best!”

At this time, Yun Ruge also said: “My lord, my subordinates will land in Yakutsk in three hours. During this time, my subordinates will start from Yakutsk to find out the situation in the Far East. See if Lin Wan’er is hiding here.”

The Lord Ying hummed, and said: “The main task of you and Chang Sheng Bo is to find Lin Wan’er and get clues. You must communicate with each other frequently. If there is any trouble, you must tell me as soon as possible.”

Yun Ruge said without thinking: “Good Lord!”

The British Lord said again at this moment: “Okay, that’s all I have to say. I hope you can go all out and send back the good news as soon as possible. Whether it’s catching Lin Wan’er or finding the enemy behind the scenes, I will give you a lot of rewards!”

Almost at the same time, the four earls cupped their fists and respectfully said to the camera, “Thank you, Lord Ying!”

The next day, the sky in Northern Europe just brightened.

Jiangong Bo Ou Bojun just opened his eyes when he received a message from a stranger.

The text message only had four words, which read: Naples.

Ou Bojun knew that these four characters must be the location of the Governor’s Mansion of the Right Army.

Even if it wasn’t, it should be the first stop on the way to the Governor’s Mansion of the Right Army.

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