The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5395

It’s a bit sad to say that even Ober-Jun, who is one of the four Earls, doesn’t know the exact location of the Right Army’s Governor’s Mansion, as well as the internal personnel structure.

In the Qing Dynasty, although the four earls were said to be second only to the British Lord, they were limited to their personal strength.

Although the British Lord attaches great importance to the four earls, and has been holding them in front of other people in the Qing Dynasty, and even gave them a lot of pills and materials to improve their cultivation, but in fact, he has been deliberately controlling them. The rights of the four earls in the Qing Dynasty will hardly give them the right to directly control any large-scale and organized organization of the Qing Dynasty.

Neither the dead soldiers, nor the knight guards, nor the overriding five-army governor’s mansion obeyed any orders from the four earls.

And the real confidants of the British Lord are not the four earls, but the governors of the five armies.

The structure of the five-army governor’s mansion is the real core of the Qing Dynasty. Under each governor’s mansion, there are a large number of personnel, industries, materials, weapons, and money.

Under each Dudu’s mansion, there is at least one garrison of dead soldiers, thousands of dead soldiers, hundreds of knights, several Jiedu envoys and special envoys.

In addition, there are many expatriates, like Feng Zidong’s parents, who have been dispatched all over the world, and many special service personnel, like Ye Chen’s third aunt, who have been placed in various countries and fields in a normal capacity.

Without the four Earls, the Poqinghui would only be missing four super masters with peak strength, but without the Fifth Army Commander’s Mansion, the Poqinghui would be like losing its hands and feet.

Therefore, the British lord himself controlled the five-army governor’s mansion, and even kept guard against the four earls, and didn’t want them to know too much about the five-army commander-in-chief’s mansion.

Therefore, the four of Oberjun and the others may be said to be the Four Earls, but they are actually the four mascots of the Qing Dynasty.

At this time, Oberjun didn’t dare to have any delays. He hurriedly got up and left the hotel, called a business jet general aviation company, and rented a Gulfstream plane at a price of 30,000 euros, and flew directly from Osu City to Naples, a city in southern Italy. .

During the flight, Ober-jun has been analyzing the current situation of the Qing Dynasty and the current difficulties of the British Lord.

As the four earls, he actually had many questions that he couldn’t figure out.

At first, he couldn’t figure out why the Lord Ying was so obsessed with Lin Wan’er;

Secondly, I can’t figure out how magical Lin Wan’er’s so-called ring is, which can make the British Lord so obsessed;

Three years ago, I couldn’t figure out why the British Lord had already photographed Chang Shengbo and killed Ye Changying and his wife twenty years ago, why he still couldn’t forget An’s family, and even suddenly killed An’s family after twenty years;

Si Lai couldn’t figure out why Lord Ying suddenly asked Uncle Chang Sheng to find the whereabouts of Ye Changying’s son.

However, although there are so many problems that he didn’t understand, he has noticed an obvious change through these situations, that is, the Lord of England is now relying more on the four earls, and he has gradually begun to have more defenses against them than before. got loose.

Therefore, in Oberjun’s view, no matter whether he can take advantage of the opportunity to make meritorious service, his future situation will be much better.

After a three-hour flight, Oberjun’s plane landed at Naples Airport.

This is the first time he has come to this city, but he has already heard about this city, which also benefits from the fact that football legend Maradona once played for Naples Football Club.

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