The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5396

At this moment, at the Naples airport, his eyes were darkened, he didn’t know where to go, and he didn’t know who to turn to.

He had been waiting for the phone to ring, but until the moment he walked out of the airport, he still hadn’t received any message.

At this time, a middle-aged man stepped in front of him and said respectfully: “Uncle Jiangong, you have worked hard all the way, please follow me.”

Oberjun looked at the person coming, and asked, “Who is your surname, and what is your status in the Governor’s Mansion of the Right Army?”

The man hurriedly said: “Uncle Jiangong, my subordinate is Yuan Chengze, the general of the Governor’s Mansion of the Right Army!”

Ou Bojun nodded slightly, and said: “Then ask Yuan Shen to lead the way.”

When he said this, he was sighing in his heart: “What is the gap? This is the fucking gap. As one of the four earls, I came to this place and didn’t know where to go or who to find. This person in front of me knows all my whereabouts, Lord, Lord, you guard us like you are guarding against thieves.”

Yuan Chengze took Oberjun into a Maybach car with a local license plate, Yuan Chengze drove it himself, and drove Oberjun to the downtown area of Naples.

While driving, Yuan Chengze asked Ou Bojun: “Uncle Jiangong, have you ever been to Naples?”

“No.” Yuan Chengze shook his head: “This is the first time.”

Yuan Chengze said with a smile: “Since it’s the first time, then my subordinate will show you around Naples later.”

Ou Bojun said indifferently: “I still have important things to do, so I won’t go shopping. I wonder where Wu Shu is with the governor of Wu? I want to meet him as soon as possible.”

Yuan Chengze hurriedly said: “The governor has already booked a banquet at the best Chinese restaurant in Naples, and is waiting to welcome Uncle Jiangong to wash away the dust!”

half an hour later.

The Maybach driven by Yuan Chengze stopped in front of a Chinese restaurant called Banyan Tree.

This restaurant is located at the bottom of a 40-story high-rise building. It is entered from the ground floor. There are three floors inside.

He personally opened the car door for Ou Bojun, and led Ou Bojun into the restaurant quickly.

The two took the internal elevator to the third floor. As soon as they went out, several female service staff dressed in court saluted respectfully to the two, and they also respectfully shouted in Chinese to greet Uncle Jiangong.

Ou Bojun didn’t expect these people to know his identity. After being shocked, he suddenly discovered that these waitresses were all warriors without exception, and the weakest ones had three stars, and the strongest ones had reached six stars.

It seems that this has reached the inner area of the Youjun Dudufu.

Yuan Chengze led the way in front and said as he walked: “Uncle Jiangong came to the Youjun Dudu’s Mansion for the first time. Let me give you a general introduction. This restaurant is the property of the Youjun Dudu’s Mansion. The first floor to the second floor are open for business. The third floor is said to be a membership system, but it is not open to the public. The people who come here are all insiders of our Youjun Dudu Mansion, and in this store, you don’t have to worry about the risk of revealing your identity, because the staff here Without exception, they are all the children of dead warriors, knight guards and members of other departments.”

Ou Bojun asked in surprise: “Is this the Governor’s Mansion of the Right Army?”

“Yes, not all.” Yuan Chengze smiled slightly: “Actually, this 40-story high-rise building is entirely our property. Although more than half of the area in it is leased to local companies by us, it is different from this building. The southern part of the restaurant, which goes straight up and down, is not rented out, and the top three floors are apparently leased to a shipping company, but in fact that company is also ours, and this part is connected to the restaurant with a secret elevator , in fact, the topmost floor here is the residence of the Governor’s Mansion of the Right Army.”

Ober-jun was speechless.

While he was amazed at the scale of the Youjun Governor’s Mansion, he also felt that his speculation on the plane had been confirmed. Yuan Chengze told himself the situation of the Youjun Dudu’s Mansion in detail as soon as they met. It must have been ordered by the British Lord. , it seems that the Lord of England will gradually loosen many restrictions on himself and the other three earls in the future…

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