The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5403

Although he knew that Yun Ruge would reject him, but after being rejected, he felt completely unacceptable.

He was not as humble and gentleman as he appeared in front of Yun Ruge, on the contrary, he was narrow-minded and held a grudge against anyone who offended him.

From his point of view, Yun Ruge’s rejection of himself was a standard ignorance of flattery.

So he couldn’t help cursing and muttering to himself: “Yun Ruge, what the hell are you so proud of in front of me? Don’t you look down on me? You wait, I will find a chance to let you have fun under my crotch sooner or later! ”

During the next half of the flight, there was an evil fire in his heart that he had nowhere to vent.

At 11:30 in the evening, the plane landed at Larnaca International Airport. Oberjun, who was trying to adjust his mentality, walked out of the airport empty-handed.

It was late at night at the airport at this time, and it was raining lightly in the southern part of Cyprus.

Oberjun directly stopped a taxi at the gate of the airport, and then drove all the way in the direction of the copper mine.

Before departure, Wu Shutong had shown Oberjun the exact location of the copper mine and the floor plan of the entire copper mine. At this time, Oberjun had a clear understanding of the surrounding terrain and the internal structure of the copper mine.

According to his plan, he planned to sneak into the main office building of the copper mine from the periphery of the copper mine first, where Jiedushi Ni Zhenyu lived.

After more than half an hour.

A taxi stopped on the side of the road less than a kilometer away from the copper mine.

The water temperature of the engine and the temperature of the hood are still high, but the car is empty, with no passengers or driver.

At this time, in the woods in the north of the copper mine, Oberjun hid in the center of a tall tree. While hiding his figure through the dense leaves, he could easily observe the movement on the north side of the copper mine through the gaps in the leaves.

And on another tree behind him, hung a decapitated corpse.

The head of the corpse was torn off with brute force, and then the corpse was hung on a thick branch by the deceased’s own belt tied around both ankles.

The neck of the corpse was still spraying blood, and the blood mixed with the rain, forming a red stream on the ground.

This corpse was the taxi driver who brought Oberjun over just now.

Auber-jun actually wanted to kill people on the plane.

It’s just that it’s unrealistic to kill people on a plane. Once the crew is frightened, it might lead to an air crash.

So, he set his sights on the taxi driver.

The driver parked on the side of the road as he asked, but he didn’t want to lose his life because of it. Auber-jun dragged him into the woods and brutally killed him to vent his depression.

After killing the driver, Ober-Jun finally calmed down again, completely ignoring the bloody corpse behind him, and focused all his attention on the copper mine not far away.

Since Ou Bojun has mastered the spiritual energy, his senses have also been greatly improved. A few hundred meters away, he can also find the secret whistle on duty in the copper mine.

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