The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5406

As Wan Pojun tapped the keyboard with his fingertips, the three doors had already locked on to Ober-Jun’s close-in defense gun, and immediately spun the pitch-black barrel.

Immediately afterwards, shells with a caliber of 30 mm spewed out from the eighteen barrels of the three guns in an instant!

A large number of warheads directly penetrated the camouflaged glass room, and according to the ballistic called Death’s Kiss, almost crazy flames were sprayed at Ober-Jun!

The speed of bullets and shells is faster than the speed of sound, but at close range, the speed is not obvious. Under normal circumstances, if a person is sniped hundreds of meters away, he must be shot first and then hear the sound.

However, Ober-jun has been carefully observing the surroundings. Since the speed of light is much faster than the speed of sound and the muzzle velocity of shells, Ober-jun has already discovered that the building has not heard the sound or been hit by the near-defense artillery. The three glass rooms on the top shattered at the same time, and flames at least one or two meters long spewed out from each glass room!

At this moment, he instantly realized that he had encountered an ambush!

Moreover, his keen senses have already noticed that in the three glass rooms, a large number of extremely fast and powerful warheads have been fired towards him, and each warhead is menacing!

And at this moment, Ober-jun was already extremely terrified!

In a flash, he burst out the spiritual energy in his body instantly, and ran desperately towards his right side!

However, these three close-in defense guns are only a few hundred meters away from him. Even if the speed of sound and the initial velocity of the bullet are much slower than the speed of light, the initial velocity of the AK-630 close-in defense gun is as high as 900 meters per second. Therefore, at such a short distance, the reaction time left for Oberjun is even less than half a second!

Although Auber-jun was already running with all his strength, he still realized sadly that his current position and the position in front where he wanted to escape were all covered by those extremely fast warheads.

This also means that it is impossible for him to escape!

At this moment, Ou Bojun felt extremely resentful in his heart, he never thought that with his own cultivation, he would be so aggrieved to confess here!

What’s even more tragic is that the speed of the AK-630 close-in anti-aircraft projectile is more than twice the speed of sound. Oberjun didn’t even hear the sound of the cannon, and the projectile had already hit his face.

Ou Bojun only felt countless objects whizzing towards the side of his body. The next moment, there was a sharp pain in the knee joint of his right leg, and he lost consciousness instantly when the knee went down!

A shell from a near-anti-aircraft gun just hit the knee of his right leg. The shell could penetrate even three-finger-thick armor, and Ober-Jun’s body couldn’t resist it at all.

Therefore, this shot directly blasted his right knee joint into pieces, and his right calf and right foot were blown up into the air.

Ou Bojun only felt his center of gravity suddenly lost, and his whole body fell uncontrollably towards the front right, but before his body even had time to land, he felt that the right side of his body was hit hard one after another.

He subconsciously looked down, and the whole person was instantly frightened out of his wits!

At this time, where is my body?

His torso, as well as the entire lower body, were almost completely smashed into bones and flesh and blood!

Then, he felt his head spin all of a sudden.

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