The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5407

At the moment of spinning, he saw that his neck had been broken by a shell, and the huge force was like a spinning top, directly flying his head into the air!

What’s even worse is that before my body had time to fall to the ground, it was already smashed into pieces…

It was also at this moment that Ober-Jun knew that after a person’s head was cut off, at the very first moment, at least in that short half-second, he would not lose consciousness for the time being.

His brain can still think, his eyes can still see, and his ears can still hear the loud roar of shells!

Oberjun’s final consciousness was full of anger and unwillingness.

He never expected that he would end up with a dead body in the end. Compared with the taxi driver he killed just now to vent his anger, he was only decapitated, and he probably had no head. I can’t keep it!

Before the spinning head hit the ground, the shells were still whistling densely around, blasting the opposite wall into powder one after another.

Fortunately in the misfortune, although Ou Bojun’s body has been turned into a fleshy paste, his head has cleverly avoided the dense barrage because the target is much smaller and is still spinning.

Although the spectacle-shaped ballistics set by the weapon expert in the Wanlong Temple are very powerful, after all, priority should be given to larger coverage, so the ballistic density is not enough to shrink to the size of a skull.

It was precisely because of this that Oberjun’s head was temporarily preserved.

However, when the scorching bullet smashed Ober-Jun’s body, those body tissues were scorched and scorched, so that the whole air was filled with a burnt smell of roasted meat.

The smell factor permeated the air, even though Ober-jun could no longer breathe, the rotating head still brought the smell into the nasal cavity, making Ober-jun even smell this strange smell passively.

However, he no longer cared about these things. With his remaining consciousness, he realized that his head was about to fall to the ground. At this moment, he felt a little lucky, thinking that he still retained a complete head.

But just when his head was about to hit the ground, a shell from a near-anti-aircraft gun directly penetrated through the socket of Ober-jun’s left eye!

At the moment when the cannonball pierced his eye socket, Oberjun’s brain was dead silent, and his final realization was that he really complied with Yun Ruge’s words this time, ashes to ashes, dust to dust…

Then, with a loud bang, his head was blown to pieces!

And Ou Bojun’s last consciousness was also wiped out at this moment…

Full of confidence, Ou Bojun never thought that anyone here could threaten his safety, let alone that he would die here without a place to die.

Both Wan Pojun and Qiu Zhiyuan witnessed the process of Au Bojun being blasted into a pulp through the monitor. Although they had already expected this ending, they were both extremely shocked and terrified at this moment.

From Ober-Jun’s fast-moving figure, they could see that Ober-Jun’s strength was far above the two of them, and that kind of weird, almost abnormal reaction speed was simply not something a human could possess.

But so what?

Although Ou Baijun’s speed has not changed much faster than ordinary people, he still has no chance to escape and resist in front of the dense close-in artillery shells.

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