The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5408

A top expert was wiped out in an instant. If this weapon was used on the two of them, they might not even have a chance to react.

At this time, the motor of the near anti-aircraft gun has stopped running.

Because the system judged that the target it locked on was completely dead.

The whole process actually only lasted about two seconds.

In these two seconds, the three close-in defense guns fired a total of more than 300 shells.

Among them, less than one tenth actually hit Oberjun.

While Wan Pojun was horrified, he also realized that from now on, Ye Chen’s plan to overthrow the nest began, so he immediately picked up the walkie-talkie and blurted out: “Everyone obeys orders and retreats in an orderly manner according to the established plan!”

When Wan Pojun gave an order, the bases of the three proximity guns suddenly made a series of explosion sounds, and the proximity guns that were originally rigidly fixed on the concrete base were instantly disconnected.

Immediately afterwards, the base of the glass house was completely blown off, and the engineering team arranged earlier rushed up, pushed all the glass roof downstairs, and then connected the prepared hoisting belts, waiting for the helicopter to come to hoist.

At the same time, the Xiaoqiwei and their family members who had already prepared to retreat began to rush out of the room they were in like firefighters calling the police.

They hardly have any luggage, because here, they don’t have many personal items.

And those dead men and their families had been transferred to the ship a few days ago, so when retreating, as long as all the people on the ground evacuate, they can directly blow up the place into ruins.

In the open space where Ou Bojun’s body was dismembered, nearly a thousand people quickly assembled in the open punishment area according to the steps that had been practiced many times before.

All the vehicles specially used for transporting ore in the copper mine were also activated. Each vehicle had its own reserved parking space.

At the same time, three helicopters roared in the sky.

According to Wan Pojun’s request, they were on standby on the cargo ship at the port. As soon as the cannon sounded, they immediately started their engines and rushed over at top speed.

At this time, trucks full of people had already driven out of the copper mine and galloped towards the port.

Because there had been drills, the retreat of hundreds of thousands of people was carried out in an orderly manner.

The helicopter also quickly hoisted up the three close-in defense guns and hurried back to the port.

Due to the remote location of the copper mine, officials have not received any news at this time.

And only ten minutes had passed since Oberjun’s death, and everyone at the scene had already evacuated.

The fourth helicopter brought Wan Pojun and Qiu Zhiyuan several hundred meters into the air. Wan Pojun looked down at the copper mine, which was brightly lit but empty, and pressed the remote detonator in his hand.

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