The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5419

Not to mention let the Lord know that there is a person’s DNA on the warhead of the near-defense gun, and that person is probably Jiang Gongbo, Ober-Jun.

Because the near-defense gun is too sensitive, and the discovery of shell casings in the copper mine is enough to prove to the British Lord that this dead soldier station has long been secretly controlled by the enemy under his own rule. In that case, his own Dereliction of duty is too serious.

Coincidentally, the Cyprus officials are also planning to conceal the news of the near-anti-aircraft guns, and they will also fill up the entire subsidence area, which means that everything that happened here will soon be dead without evidence.

As long as he didn’t say anything, the British Lord would not know about the existence of the near-defense guns.

In that case, he could pretend to be stupid about what happened here, and directly stated that he could not find any valuable clues to investigate, and finally packaged this matter as an unsolved case, and then pushed it to the mysterious enemy.

In this way, even if the English Lord punished himself, it would not be too serious.

After all, even the British Lord himself couldn’t figure out the reason for the enemy hiding behind him, not to mention that there have been two precedents in New York and Northern Europe.

Thinking of this, Wu Shutong was relieved.

He felt that although what happened to him this time was bigger than the events in New York and Northern Europe, the worst thing he could do would be to lose his position as the governor of the right army governor’s mansion, at least he could save his life.

Soon, the heavy machinery that was still digging up the wreckage and doing some drilling stopped almost instantly.

Immediately afterwards, they began to withdraw from the subsidence area one after another.

According to the instructions of the superior, the excavation and drilling work will be completely over at this point.

Seeing this, Wu Shutong felt more at ease, so he immediately sent a signal to the other people to evacuate immediately.

After several people met outside the copper mine, Wu Shutong deliberately asked the others: “Have you found any clues?”

Several people shook their heads repeatedly with shocked expressions.

Among them, Wu Shuhang, Wu Shutong’s younger brother, said, “Commander, I just took a look inside the subsidence area, and the entire copper mine has been turned into ruins. The difference between the center and the surrounding flat ground is more than ten meters. It is impossible to investigate. Get started! If you want to find out what’s going on inside, it’s impossible without heavy equipment.”

Another person said: “But they have already started to withdraw the digging tools, and they probably don’t plan to investigate any further.”

Wu Shutong said: “I heard from their commander just now that they have an order from above to fill up all of this place within 72 hours.”

Wu Shuhang said helplessly: “In this situation, if there is no heavy machinery, it is impossible to find out any clues. Now that they don’t investigate, it is impossible for us to mobilize equipment to continue the investigation. When they fill up the place, we will even It’s impossible to find any clues…”

“No way.” Wu Shutong sighed with feigned melancholy, and said, “They will immediately evacuate all the personnel in the subsidence area, and then we will not be able to sneak in under their noses to find clues, and use It won’t be long before they will start backfilling, there is no need for us to stay here anymore, why not evacuate here first, return to the British Lord, and see what the British Lord and his old man have ordered.”

“Okay!” Several people also knew that there was nothing good to do at the moment, so they all agreed.

Afterwards, several people returned to the place where they had parked before.

Wu Shutong said to several people: “You guys go farther, I’m going to report to Lord Ying in the car.”

Several people nodded at the same time, and walked a long way in the opposite direction.

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