The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5420

Wu Shutong just got into the car, took out his mobile phone, and used a special contact software to make a voice call to Ying Zhu.

When the phone was connected, the Lord Ying asked him, “Has the situation been clarified?”

Wu Shutong quickly said: “Reporting to the British Lord, my subordinates have already entered the location of the copper mine to investigate, but now the entire copper mine has collapsed from the bottom, and even the above-ground part of the copper mine has completely collapsed into ruins. The entire site is completely destroyed. It’s collapsed construction waste, and I can’t find any clues…”

The British Lord asked sharply: “How could this happen?! A huge base, if you say it is gone, it will be gone?! What about the people inside?! Have they all been killed?!”

Wu Shutong said in panic: “Back to the British Lord, the subordinates don’t know anything about the situation of the people inside! Originally, I hoped that the Cyprus official investigation would be carried out, but now they have ordered that the entire scene be filled up. It has been declared to the outside world that the copper mine has reached the end of its useful life and has been artificially abandoned, and now the place is heavily guarded, and the subordinates are powerless to investigate it!”

The British Lord asked coldly: “Why are the Cyprus officials so anxious to fill it up?! They are so hasty to cover up the evidence. Could it be that they have discovered something hidden from the public?!”

Wu Shu tightened his mind, he didn’t expect that the Lord Ying grasped the key point of the problem in an instant.

However, there is no turning back when the bow is opened.

He didn’t dare to take the responsibility that the entire garrison of dead soldiers had already been occupied, and even Mr. Ober was strangled. He just wanted to let the Lord know that the reason why this place was razed to the ground was because the mysterious enemy was too powerful. Just like the defeats in New York and Northern Europe, it is not that one’s own side is too good, but that the enemy is too strong.

So, he could only bite the bullet and said: “My lord, my subordinates feel that the people in the dead man’s station, as well as the Jiangong uncle, are probably dead, and it is very likely that the enemy took advantage of their unpreparedness to wash this place with blood… ”

“Bloodwash…” the British Lord murmured: “Uncle Jiangong is extremely powerful, who can wash him with blood?!”

Wu Shutong lamented: “My lord, my subordinates don’t know who did it, so please punish me!”

After a long time, the hero said dejectedly: “Forget it, it seems that this world is not what I thought it was, I was too optimistic…”

After finishing speaking, the British Lord said again: “Okay, you guys withdraw, don’t mention this matter to anyone, anyone who violates it will be killed without mercy!”

Wu Shutong was completely relieved when he heard this.

As the governor of the Youjun Governor’s Mansion, he is one of the most trusted officials of the British Lord. He knows the underlying logic of the internal operation of the Qing Dynasty.

In Poqinghui, the five major governor’s mansions operate independently of each other. No one knows the specific situation of the other four governor’s mansions, where they are, how many people they have under their command, how many dead soldiers are stationed, How many dark realms and even transformation masters.

Moreover, there are strict information firewalls inside each Dudu Mansion.

Take the dead soldiers station in Cyprus as an example, its daily operation is entirely in the charge of Ni Zhenyu, the Jiedu envoy of the dead soldier station, and Ni Zhenyu only obeys Wu Shutong, even though the copper smelter in Turkey is his superior, and Responsible for the distribution of all supplies and antidotes to the dead soldiers’ garrison, but they also have no right to command Ni Zhenyu.

If the copper smelters in Turkey and the copper mines in Cyprus disappear at the same time, this line will naturally be unknown.

The British Lord allowed himself to conceal this matter, the purpose was nothing more than to stabilize the morale of the army, so that others would be completely ignorant of that mysterious enemy.

But looking at it from another direction, since the British Lord said so, it should mean that he doesn’t plan to hold himself accountable anymore.

Wu Shutong was overwhelmed with excitement, and after finishing the call with the hero, he called everyone else back with his mobile phone.

After they came back, Wu Shutong’s younger brother, Wu Shuhang, saw his brother sitting in the co-pilot, so he got into the driver’s cab, but he didn’t rush to start the car, but asked him nervously, “Brother, what did the British Lord say?”

Wu Shutong frowned, and reprimanded in a low voice: “I have told you many times, you can only call me Brother in private, and you should call me Dudu at other times!”

Wu Shuhang hurriedly said: “Yes… the governor… isn’t this subordinate worried about you… afraid that the British Lord will punish you…”

Wu Shutong smiled slightly, and said: “This kind of thing is far beyond my ability. Even Jiangong Bo can’t escape the opponent’s claws, so what can I do.”

After finishing speaking, Wu Shutong waved his hand: “Go back, it’s almost time.”

Wu Shuhang nodded, handed Wu Shu the same bottle of water, and said, “Drink the water to calm the shock, and we will return.”

At this time, Wu Shutong already had a feeling of survival after a catastrophe, so his whole body was extremely relaxed, and he really felt thirsty after relaxing, so he took the water, unscrewed it and took a few sips.

A few seconds later, his face suddenly changed drastically. He stared fixedly at his younger brother Wu Shuhang who was sitting in the driver’s seat, and blurted out with difficulty: “Shuhang, you…you…you poisoned the water?!”

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