The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5424

So, the three of them immediately entered the meeting software, waiting for the appearance of the hero.

Before the hero appeared, the three of them hadn’t seen Jiangong uncle Ou Bojun coming in, so Uncle Zhongyong joked: “If Jiangong uncle doesn’t hurry up to connect, after the hero comes in, he will probably be punished!”

Chang Sheng Bo said casually: “Uncle Jiang Gong may be investigating relevant clues. If there is really something important to do, the British Lord will be considerate if he is late.”

Yun Ruge didn’t speak all the time, she didn’t put her mind on Ou Bojun.

A minute later, the English master connected in.

The other three people saw the reminder, and immediately said respectfully: “My subordinates welcome the hero!”

The deep voice of the British Lord came: “Everyone, urgent connection, you want to synchronize a message with you.”

The three said respectfully: “My subordinates are all ears!”

The British Lord said coldly: “Less than an hour ago, I received the definite news that Jiangong Booberjun had died in Cyprus.”

“What?!” The three of them were shocked!

No one expected that Uncle Jiangong would die suddenly.

Chang Shengbo blurted out and asked: “My lord… the subordinates don’t understand that Uncle Jiangong is so powerful. Even if I want to kill Uncle Jiangong, I’m afraid I have to pay a huge price. Who can actually kill Uncle Jiangong?! ”

The Lord Ying sighed softly, and said: “According to the clues I know so far, Uncle Jiangong should not have died at the hands of someone.”

Uncle Changsheng hurriedly asked: “Master Ying, what do you mean by this? Your subordinates don’t understand…”

Yingzhu said: “Uncle Jiangong should have died from a Soviet-made AK-630 close-in anti-aircraft gun.”

“What?!” The three of them were even more horrified!

Ober-jun, who had already mastered the aura, died from a near-defense gun? !

This is really unacceptable to them.

Uncle Zhongyong couldn’t help but said: “My lord, Uncle Jiangong… Didn’t he go to investigate the place where the dead were stationed? How could he be killed by a near-anti-aircraft gun? Is this near-anti-aircraft gun so powerful?”

Lord Ying said: “I consulted experts on weapons. This is a very powerful cannon. With Uncle Jiangong’s strength, if he prepares in advance and goes all out, he should be able to withstand two or three shells head-on. If the opponent catches him by surprise, he may not even be able to block a single shot.”

Speaking of this, the British Lord paused slightly, and said again: “And this kind of close-in defense gun can fire the number of shells in one minute… three thousand rounds…”

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