The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5425

The words of the British lord shocked the three earls.

Just now, when they heard the British Lord say that Uncle Jiangong was dead, they thought that Uncle Jiangong had met a stronger master, but now they realized that Uncle Jiangong died from a near-defense gun.

Originally, they thought that there were very few people in the world who could hurt them, and they could basically be domineering, but today they realized that the so-called cultivation was nothing compared to heavy weapons.

Uncle Zhongyong who was in New York asked nervously: “My lord… who would use a close-range gun against Uncle Jiangong?! Could it be the official army of Cyprus?”

“No.” The British Lord said in a low voice: “Jiang Gongbo’s body, as well as the warheads and shell casings of the near-anti-aircraft guns, are all within the range of the dead soldiers in Cyprus, which means that the enemy installed the near-anti-aircraft guns in the garrison in advance. Inside, and then waited for Uncle Jiangong to come to the door, and Uncle Jiangong was shot dead by close-in artillery as soon as he arrived at the station.”

“Ah?!” Zhongyong Bo suddenly panicked, and blurted out: “My lord, if it is according to what you said, doesn’t that mean that the dead soldiers’ camp has actually been secretly captured by the enemy?”

“Yes.” The British Lord said coldly: “The other party must have occupied the garrison of the dead soldiers first, and then set up a death trap here.”

Chang Shengbo said: “My lord! The garrison of the dead soldiers has always been a top secret in the meeting. All the information about the garrison is only in the hands of the governor of the five armies. The subordinates really can’t figure it out. How did the enemy find Cyprus?”

The British Lord sighed: “You can’t figure it out, and I can’t figure it out either. Counting the two defeats in New York and Northern Europe, this is already the third time. The enemy seems to know our situation well and can always be one step ahead of us!”

As he said that, the British Lord paused slightly, and continued: “Besides, they seem to have figured out our strengths and weaknesses. They know that Uncle Jiangong is very strong personally, and he is very different from the dead warriors and knight guards before him. So this time they placed near-anti-cannon, a heavy weapon that doesn’t talk about martial arts, in the garrison of dead soldiers, just to shoot and kill Jiang Gongbo thoroughly, without giving him any chance to resist and escape. It can be seen that our opponents not only treat us He understands it very well, and his thoughts are very meticulous, and his methods are definitely not very human…”

Chang Shengbo asked again: “My lord, the other party occupied the dead soldiers’ camp in Cyprus without our knowledge. The subordinate wants to know where all the people in the dead soldiers’ camp in Cyprus have gone? Those dead soldiers and Xiaoqi Wei, could it be that they were all killed silently by the other party?!”

Yingzhu said: “As far as I know, the Cyprus officials took samples from multiple locations on the scene for testing, but only found the DNA of Jiang Gongbo. Everyone inside has disappeared!”

“What?!” Uncle Chang Sheng said in horror, “There are at least two or three thousand people in a garrison of dead soldiers, including the dead soldiers and Xiaoqiwei. How could the other party kill so many people quietly? And then move their bodies out?”

Uncle Zhongyong said, “Uncle Changsheng, is there another possibility, that is, the other party has recruited these people?”

“Recruitment?” Chang Shengbo asked back: “In any case, as long as they want to survive, they must continuously receive the antidote from the Lord of England. What good is it for them to be recruited by the enemy? Once the Jiedu envoy The stockpile of antidote there is exhausted, and everyone is doomed to die, are these thousands of people willing to die against us to break the Qing Dynasty?”

Uncle Zhongyong said, “Could it be that the enemy has some way to detoxify them?”

The British Lord immediately said coldly: “Absolutely impossible! No one in the world can cure the poison in their bodies!”

Chang Shengbo said: “That’s too strange! Regardless of whether these people are really loyal to the Po Qing Society or not, but because of the shackles of the antidote and the fetters of their families, they must work hard for the Po Qing Society. If they enter their camp, they will fight back with all their strength and will never surrender to each other. The counterattack of thousands of people is comparable to a war, and it is impossible for there to be no movement at all!”

After all, Uncle Chang Sheng said: “What’s more, there is only Uncle Jiangong’s DNA at the scene, which also shows in disguise that there was no bloodshed in the resident. The absence of bloodshed proves that these people did not resist. They knew they didn’t know the medicine. Must die, but did not resist, this is completely contradictory…”

The Lord asked, “Then what do you think will happen?”

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