The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5426

Chang Shengbo murmured: “Back to the British Lord, the subordinates are more inclined. The other party has already bought all the members of the station. Maybe they really have a way to detoxify these people. They detoxified these people. These people have no worries about the future, and coupled with the fact that they have been controlled by the Poqing Society for so many years, they will inevitably feel rebellious. In this way, they will naturally fully cooperate with these people’s actions. As usual; these people told them to evacuate early, and they evacuated early…”

The British Lord said coldly: “Looking at the hundreds of years of history of the Po Qing Society, no one has ever been able to decipher this kind of poison. To detoxify this kind of poison, simply mastering spiritual energy is not enough. If you want to use spiritual energy to detoxify, you must first have a strong understanding of spiritual energy.” Precise control, this point, even the four of you can’t do it, not to mention, it is extremely difficult to obtain spiritual energy, it is still reasonable to detoxify one or two people, but to detoxify thousands of people, who can consume such a huge amount of spiritual energy ?”

Chang Sheng Bo sighed: “In this way, this matter doesn’t make any sense…”

At this time, the British Lord also lacked self-confidence, and said to himself: “If it is true as Chang Shengbo guessed, our enemy must be a fellow of ours, and his strength may not be inferior to mine, but this There is another point that doesn’t make sense, since he is so powerful, why did he go to such lengths to use close-in defense guns to deal with Uncle Jiangong?”

“This…” Chang Shengbo couldn’t think of the reason, he murmured: “Perhaps the opponent feels that his own strength is not enough to win, but instead, the chance of winning with close-in artillery is better.”

Lord Ying said: “Currently the enemy has killed one of my earls and destroyed one of my garrisons, but I don’t know anything about the enemy, so I have ordered the five armies to stop some foreign activities, and it is still going out. There are only the three of you on the mission, from now on, and for a period of time in the future, please be cautious, put safety first, and don’t overdo it at any time.”

Uncle Changsheng agreed: “If Uncle Jiangong was shot by the close-in artillery, then the three of us must not be opponents of the close-in artillery. Besides, Uncle Jiangong is agile and agile, and has a strong ability to hide, but even so , still failed to escape the opponent’s shooting, so it can be seen that the opponent has more powerful means to give early warning, and our concealed means are likely to be useless in front of them, Zhongyong and Dingyuan, please be more careful…”

Uncle Zhongyong immediately said: “Since the other party is good at using close-in anti-aircraft guns, it proves that they must have a good understanding of modern weapons and modern technology. Those cutting-edge military technologies are still very powerful. It is said that spy satellites in outer space, even matchboxes on the ground They can be photographed clearly, even if we are cultivating to the death, it is impossible to have such a powerful sense…”

After finishing speaking, he said again: “My lord, since the opponent is good at using close-in defense guns, then my subordinates think that they are probably not warriors, let alone monks who master aura, and most likely well-trained soldiers!”

“Soldier?” The Lord of England murmured, “If it was really a soldier, whose soldier would it be?”

Yun Ruge said: “I don’t have any clue about who’s soldiers, but I feel that we can start from the clues of the anti-aircraft artillery.”

The Lord Ying hummed and said, “Continue.”

Yun Ruge went on to say: “My subordinate just checked the information of this weapon. Although this weapon is very lethal, it is not considered an advanced weapon and equipment. It can only be regarded as the first generation of modern weapons. Anti-aircraft guns have a history of several decades. The parameters of the current near-anti-aircraft guns are almost several times that of it. It may be a group or an unofficial organization, just like we broke the Qing Dynasty.”

The Lord Ying said indifferently: “It makes sense, if Uncle Dingyuan has any other opinions, feel free to say it.”

Yun Ruge said again: “This kind of weapons and equipment decades ago has no value at all in the eyes of mainstream countries, and it is very likely that they have already been dismantled. However, for those private armed forces, and For some rebels, this thing should still be very valuable;”

“So, I speculate that this kind of thing will only be circulated on the black market with a high probability now. Although the subordinates don’t know who killed Jiang Gongbo, I think that the close-in defense guns they used have a high probability. It was also bought from the black market, so the subordinates thought that as long as they started from the black market clues and traced all the transaction clues of the same model of close-in defense guns in recent years, they should be able to find some clues!”

Lord Ying agreed: “Uncle Dingyuan’s speculation is very reasonable. If we start from the arms black market, we may really be able to find clues to the other party.”

Speaking of this, he said again: “However, the current situation is severe, and there are no masters who are proficient in aura under the command of the Fifth Army Commander’s Mansion, so we can’t let them investigate this matter for the time being.”

After that, he pondered for a moment, and said, “Uncle Zhongyong, you don’t need to investigate the matter in New York anymore. You can set off immediately and start from the arms black market to see if you can find clues about the near-anti-aircraft transaction!”

Uncle Zhongyong couldn’t help being a little nervous, and said, “My lord…the other party has a scheming style of acting, maybe they have already expected that we will use the close-in artillery as an entry point to investigate…”

Lord Ying said coldly: “Then you should learn from Uncle Jiangong’s experience and lessons, and act cautiously. No matter what, this matter must be investigated and found out, otherwise Po Qing’s life will hang by a thread!”

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