The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5427

With the order of the British Lord, the Qing Dynasty has entered a period of dormancy that has never been seen before.

The Governor’s Mansion of the Five Armies went into full hibernation immediately. Except for the copper smelter in Turkey, all dead soldiers and knight guards were not allowed to step out of the station. All members lurking around the world also temporarily terminated their contact with the upper line.

From this moment on, there are only three earls left in the Qing Dynasty to carry out the mission of the British Lord. Uncle Changsheng is in China, looking for the whereabouts of Lin Waner, and at the same time he is preparing to leave for Jinling to investigate clues about Ye Chen; Looking for clues about the transaction of the AK-630 close-in anti-aircraft gun; as for Dingyuan Boyun Ruge, he was looking for Lin Waner for Changsheng Bo in the Far East.

The day after Jiangong Bo Ouberjun was shot, all members of the Turkish copper smelter left Turkey by boat.

The special envoy Duan Liye, who was given psychological hints by Ye Chen with aura, also boarded the evacuated freighter together with others.

Everyone didn’t know where they were going at this time. They only knew that something happened in Cyprus, and the British Lord asked them to withdraw to South Africa immediately.

The incident happened suddenly, and it was reasonable to retreat temporarily, so the group did not have any doubts.

It was a long journey to South Africa, across the Mediterranean Sea, and after crossing the Suez Canal, they had to cross the narrow Red Sea, and then all the way south along the east of Africa, the whole journey was nearly 10,000 kilometers.

Fortunately, before departure, the ship has already prepared materials ready to be transported to the Cyprus copper mine, which is enough for hundreds of people in the copper smelter to eat and drink at sea, so everyone is not too worried about the future, just hope Hope to land in Africa as soon as possible and start a new life.

But what they didn’t know was that the Lord of England had no plans to let them set foot on land again.

According to the requirements of the British Lord, the ship, and all the people on the ship, must be buried in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea.

One day after the freighter departed.

When the ship was 200 kilometers away from Port Said, the northern mouth of the Suez Canal, in the middle of the night, the engine suddenly stopped, and the ship quickly lost power and floated on the sea.

A number of welders are using electric welding equipment to seal all the windows and hatches of the ship with steel bars as thick as thumbs.

All the movable objects on the deck have been taken into the cabin, and these welders are also welding inside the doors and windows, which means that after the welding is completed, they cannot get out by themselves.

These people welded very fast. After welding the doors and windows, they quickly returned to the cabin and welded all the doors from the outside.

Afterwards, they went to the cargo warehouse at the bottom, covered all the goods with steel wire mesh, and welded the steel wire mesh tightly to the bottom plate of the cabin.

After finishing all this, several people came to a middle-aged man and said respectfully: “Report to the deputy governor, all the entrances and exits have been sealed, and the goods have been fixed.”

The middle-aged man known as the deputy governor is Zhang Qianshuo, who is in charge of the line between Turkey and Cyprus and one of the three deputy governors of the Right Army Governor’s Mansion.

At this time, Zhang Qianshuo nodded with grief and indignation, and murmured: “Everyone, today’s sacrifice of life for righteousness is not only for the sake of loyalty to the Lord, but also for our wives and children to live better, so I hope everyone will not be too sad .”

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