The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5428

The leader smiled bitterly and said, “My lord, our life and death have long been out of our control. If the lord lets us live, we can live. If the lord lets us die, we must die…”

As he spoke, he asked, “My lord, the only question I have is, after we die, will the British Lord really give our wives and children freedom?”

Zhang Qianshuo nodded: “Don’t worry, even if the British Lord doesn’t take us seriously, he must put his reputation first, otherwise, how can anyone be willing to take the initiative to die in the future?”

Hearing this, several people breathed a sigh of relief.

They have long been ordered by the British Lord, knowing that everyone on their ship will not escape death.

What’s even more cruel is that their final mission is to personally destroy the ship and all the people on board.

And the condition for the British Lord to let them die generously is to give their family members freedom after their death.

For these people, if they don’t understand the medicine, they will die sooner or later. Instead of doing this, they might as well go to death and give their family a chance.

In fact, these people are different from Xiaoqiwei, and also different from dead men. They are Zhang Qianshuo’s confidantes. When Zhang Qianshuo brought them here to take office, their family members did not follow, nor could they.

From the moment they took office, they shouldered the attribute of self-destruction. Once this place needs to be destroyed, they are the executors of self-destruction.

And the reason why the British Lord arranged this is just in case, once there is a big problem in a certain station, they can complete self-destruct in the shortest time, completely cutting off all risks.

Their families are the key to their generous death.

Zhang Qianshuo looked at the time and said, “It’s almost there, prepare to sink the ship.”

The leader nodded, and took his men to place directional explosives in the bow and stern bilges.

After finishing all this, several people returned to Zhang Qianshuo, handed the detonator to Zhang Qianshuo, and respectfully said: “My lord, you can detonate it at any time.”

Zhang Qianshuo took the detonator and asked him: “Are all the exits sealed? Make sure that after the ship sinks, nothing can float to the surface, otherwise, once other ships find it, they will realize that there is a ship.” sinking.”

The man cupped his hands and said: “Don’t worry, my lord, all the cabins are sealed, all the doors and windows are also closed, and the goods in the warehouse are all fixed with very dense iron nets. Once the explosion is triggered, the sea water will flood in instantly, and the ship will be very fast.” It will sink, and nothing will surface. As for the fragments produced by the blast, because they are all made of iron, they will sink to the bottom soon and will not float to the surface, so you can rest assured.”

Zhang Qianshuo nodded, and said, “Now we are the only ones left who have not settled down. Come with me and go to the captain’s room.”


Several people followed Zhang Qianshuo to the captain’s room. Zhang Qianshuo locked the heavy cabin door firmly, then took out a bottle of spirits, poured a few glasses, handed them to the people in front of him, and said, “Everyone, we work together. After so many years, being able to die together today is also fate, this glass of wine is just for us!”

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