The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5430

The long-haired woman is about 1.78 meters tall, with flowing hair and long straight legs, and her temperament is full of classical charm, extraordinary and refined.

This person is Hong Changqing’s personal disciple, Long Siqi.

Long Siqi was thirty years old at the time, his father was Chinese-American, his mother was of American-Chinese mixed race, his father was a registered disciple accepted by Master Hong Changqing when he was wandering in the clouds, although he had no extraordinary talent in Taoism and martial arts , but he has a real ability to make money, so he donated money to Taizhen Dao back then.

When Long Siqi was young, he often followed his father in and out of the Taizhen Dao. At the age of eight, he showed his talent in Taoism and martial arts. Just when Hong Changqing took over as the head of the sect, he took Long Siqi as his personal disciple.

And Long Siqi did not disappoint Hong Changqing. At the age of twenty-six, he broke through to a five-star martial artist, which was faster than Hong Changqing.

Although Long Siqi has a quarter of American blood, his appearance seldom looks like American blood. On the contrary, he still has a temperament of classical Chinese beauty.

However, with a quarter of American blood, she is fairer than ordinary Chinese girls, and her height is relatively prominent.

Seeing Hong Changqing, Long Siqi hurriedly took the suitcase and walked a few steps quickly, until he stood in front of Hong Changqing, and then said respectfully: “Master, why did you come to pick up the disciple yourself?”

Hong Changqing smiled and said casually: “You have never been to Jinling, and you are not familiar with the place, so I will not come to pick you up as a teacher, I am afraid that your eyes will be blacked out after getting off the plane.”

Long Siqi nodded lightly and said, “Thank you, Master!”

After finishing speaking, she couldn’t help asking: “Master, is there something important that you suddenly asked me to come to Huaxia?”

“Yes, of course!” Hong Changqing nodded seriously, but said in a mysterious way: “But I can’t tell you today that I have already booked a room for you in the hotel as a teacher. I will take you to the hotel to stay. I will be my teacher tomorrow.” Take you to meet someone.”

Long Siqi asked curiously: “Master, who do you want me to meet?”

Hong Changqing said mysteriously: “Who it is, I can’t tell you now, but you will know tomorrow.”

Hong Changqing didn’t tell Long Siqi that she was asked to come to Huaxia to pass on the headship to her.

It stands to reason that such a big matter as the passing of the head should not be done so casually and hastily.

The normal process is that the current head and the successor of the head need to return to the Taizhen Dao Dojo together, and then hold a grand ceremony in front of the Taizhen Dao disciples, and also offer sacrifices to the Taizhen Dao ancestors, such a set of procedures After walking, the new head can officially succeed to the throne under the witness of everyone and the ancestors.

However, Hong Changqing wants to hug Ye Chen’s thigh in his dreams now, and he is really unwilling to go back to the United States to pass on the throne.

What’s more, he still has a small thought in his heart, that is, he must let Ye Chen witness with his own eyes that he passed the position of head to Long Siqi.

Only in this way can Ye Chen believe that he has no second thoughts about him.

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