The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5435

Ye Chen smiled and nodded to Long Siqi as a greeting. Although Long Siqi was surprised, he still said very politely: “Mr. Ye, hello.”

Hong Changqing on the side quickly said: “Siqi, I want to call Master Ye!”

Long Siqi was taken aback for a moment. Although she couldn’t see Ye Chen’s cultivation, she could tell that Ye Chen should be slightly younger than her. If she asked a boy younger than her to call him a master, she felt natural. It’s a little reluctant.

So, she said to Hong Changqing: “Master, I think Mr. Ye is about the same age as me. We young people should stop being so old-fashioned…”

Hong Changqing couldn’t help but said with some panic: “Siqi! Don’t neglect Master Ye!”

Long Siqi was also a little angry, and said: “Master, what you want to call is your freedom, and vice versa for me.”

Hong Changqing couldn’t help scolding: “Siqi! Don’t be rude!”

Ye Chen said with a smile at this time: “Master Hong, what Miss Long said is correct, this kind of thing is just a joke, why do you force Miss Long?”

Hong Changqing sneered, and quickly said: “Master Ye, you are right, so let’s call it out.”

Long Siqi on the side, seeing that his master has been so humble, was surprised, but also somewhat dissatisfied.

In her eyes, Master has always been very upright, and she has always felt that Master, as the head of Taizhen Dao, does need to have a certain aura, and sometimes it is normal for outsiders to look cold and arrogant.

And in her impression, the master had really grasped the style of that kind of worldly expert in the past, but this time, she didn’t know what medicine the master took wrongly in Jinling, why would he treat a young The man is so groveling.

Long Siqi has been worshiping Taizhen Dao since he was seven or eight years old, and he has very deep feelings for Taizhen Dao. Seeing that Master is so humble in Ye Chen, he feels that the image of Taizhen Dao has been lowered a lot by him, and he feels even more in his heart. I can’t see it.

So, she said with some displeasure: “Master, you asked me to come all the way, what’s the matter, can you talk about it now?”

Hong Changqing smiled and said, “Yes, of course.”

After saying that, Hong Changqing immediately looked at Long Siqi, and said solemnly: “Siqi, I won’t play tricks on you anymore as a teacher. I have a very important thing to tell you for my teacher to let you come here this time. That is , as a teacher, I have already decided to pass on the head of Taizhen Dao to you immediately, and you will be the leader of Taizhen Dao in the future, I hope you can lead Taizhen Dao to achieve greater glory!”

Long Siqi was shocked and said: “What?! Master, you… you are going to pass the throne to me now?!”

“Yes!” Hong Changqing said firmly: “The reason why I called you here this time is to pass on the headship to you under the witness of Master Ye!”

“Why?!” Long Siqi asked puzzledly: “According to Taizhen Dao’s past practice, you will have to pass on the position to me at least ten years later, right? And I am still young, and I will not be able to convince everyone if I take over now. Ah! Master please think again!”

Hong Changqing waved his hand: “The convention you mentioned is just a coincidence. Taizhen Dao has never stipulated how old the head must be before giving up, nor has it said how old the new head must be before taking over. I think you are now It’s already up to the role.”

Long Siqi asked: “Master, why are you in such a hurry to pass on the throne? If you pass on the throne to a disciple, what are your plans? Are you planning to go back to retreat and practice?”

Hong Changqing shook his head and said, “For the sake of my teacher, I will settle down in Jinling in the future.”

“Settled in Jinling?!” Long Siqi asked dumbfounded: “Why do you want to settle in Jinling? Don’t tell me you won’t ask about things that are too true?”

Hong Changqing nodded seriously, and said: “If I pass on the headship to you, I will naturally stop asking about all matters related to Taizhen Dao. With you in charge of Taizhen Dao, there is nothing to worry about as a teacher.”

Long Siqi pursed his lips, stared at Hong Changqing and asked: “Master, I want to know why you chose to settle in Jinling? If you can’t give me a reasonable explanation, then I will refuse to accept the position of head!”

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