The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5438

Long Siqi frowned, and said in a somewhat angry tone: “Master! Master, the old man told me about it a long time ago. He said that Taizhen Dao has a township treasure, which is a medicine that is quite effective in refining medicine.” Ding! The old man also said that only the future master is qualified to inherit this treasure. Since you have decided to give up the position of master to me, the medicine tripod should also be passed on to me. , and my personal eldest disciple’s explanation?”

Hong Changqing never dreamed that before his master passed on the medicine cauldron to him, he would instruct him to never reveal the secret of the medicine cauldron to anyone before passing on the throne, but in a blink of an eye, he Then he told Long Siqi about it.

He couldn’t help thinking to himself: “Master, Master, do you love Si Qi too much, or do you distrust me too much?”

Immediately, he was so embarrassed that he could only falter and say: “Siqi, you must have misremembered this matter. There is no medicine in Taizhen Dao. It is estimated that the old master is deliberately teasing you.”

Long Siqi shook his head and said: “Impossible, Master told me clearly that Taizhen Dao does have such a medicine cauldron, it is absolutely impossible for him to joke about this kind of thing!”

As she said that, she couldn’t help questioning Hong Changqing: “Master, the medicine cauldron is a token of the Taizhen Taoism that has been passed down for thousands of years. It will never come to you, so you want to keep it for yourself?”

“I don’t have…” Hong Changqing saw that he couldn’t be fooled, so he could only say helplessly: “Si Qi, I will take the head to assure you that the medicine cauldron you mentioned is not in my hands. I will definitely hand it over to you without hesitation.”

Long Siqi frowned even tighter: “Master, if the medicine cauldron is not in your hands, then whose hands is it in? This thing was handed over to you by Master himself, you must have lost it, right?” ?!”

Hong Changqing said vaguely: “Siqi, this medicine cauldron is really out of my hands right now, and I really can’t find it back, so you’d better pretend that Taizhendao doesn’t have such a thing.”

When Hong Changqing said these words, he was also very disturbed. He originally thought that Long Siqi didn’t know the existence of the medicine cauldron and planned to get away with it, but he didn’t expect that Long Siqi knew this clearly. If he didn’t take out the medicine cauldron If you give it to her, then you will naturally become a sinner of Taizhen Dao.

However, that thing has been lost to Ye Chen by himself now, and it is definitely impossible to ask Ye Chen to get it back at this time.

Therefore, he can only sacrifice his own reputation. Even if the disciples of Taizhen Dao in the future know that he has lost the treasure passed down from the ancestors of Taizhen Dao, he can only recognize it.

When Long Siqi heard Hong Changqing’s words at this time, she was also very angry. She didn’t expect that Hong Changqing deliberately concealed the matter of Yao Ding first, and when she asked him personally, he would actually play a rogue.

Long Siqi couldn’t help but question him: “Master, what do you mean, just treat it as if there is no such thing as Taizhen Dao?”

Hong Changqing said cheekily: “It’s because you forget about the fact that Taizhen Dao has a medicine cauldron from now on.”

Long Siqi said angrily: “Master, what’s the difference between you and a father who loses his son and goes home and tells his family, ‘Everyone just pretend they never had this son’? Do you think it’s appropriate?”

Hong Changqing couldn’t hold back, so he could only smash the pot and said: “Then the medicine cauldron is indeed gone now, and I really can’t find it back. What do you want me to do?”

Long Siqi questioned him: “I need to know how the medicine cauldron disappeared, and who owns the medicine cauldron!”

Hong Changqing dodged her eyes, and said falteringly: “Siqi…Since the medicine cauldron is gone, what’s the point of you breaking the casserole and asking the end? Truth, do your role as head of the sect!”

Long Siqi reasoned and said: “Since you have passed on the headship to me, then I have the obligation to recover the treasure that has been passed down for thousands of years for Taizhen Dao, so no matter what, I have to find the medicine cauldron and bring it with me.” go back!”

After that, she stared at Hong Changqing closely, and asked: “Master, think about the thirty-eight heads of Taizhen Dao before you, if you don’t take the medicine cauldron back to Taizhen Dao, will you be able to sleep?” ?”

Hong Changqing didn’t know how to respond to Long Siqi’s question at all. In desperation, he could only say bitterly: “Siqi, to tell you the truth as a teacher, I lost the bet on the medicine cauldron.”

Long Siqi was shocked, and blurted out: “Master, what qualifications do you have to bet on the inheritance of Taizhen Dao?”

Hong Changqing said helplessly: “I am not qualified, but I have already done this matter, the medicine cauldron has been exported, and I have nothing to do. If you are not satisfied, after you go back, you can tell the whole Tai Tai about my matter.” The true way, let me become the eternal sinner of the too true way, I have no objection to these.”

Long Siqi said seriously: “Master, I don’t want you to become a sinner of the Taizhen Dao through the ages, I just want to get back the treasure of the Taizhen Dao!”

After that, she gritted her teeth and said: “Master, tell me who the medicine cauldron lost to. I will go to him and ask him if he would like to sell the medicine cauldron to me. If he is willing, no matter what.” I will try to figure out how much money I have, but if it doesn’t work, I’ll ask my father for it!”

Hong Changqing looked very embarrassed, but because of his guilty conscience, he didn’t know how to answer for a while.

Ye Chen, who had been silent all this time, smiled slightly at this time: “Miss Long, don’t embarrass Tianshi Hong anymore, his medicine cauldron has already been lost to me, and now it belongs to me.”

Long Siqi looked at Ye Chen in surprise, and asked, “Mr. Ye, I want to know how my master lost the medicine cauldron to you?”

Ye Chen said lightly: “Miss Long doesn’t need to ask about the specifics, you just need to know that this medicine cauldron is in my hands now, and I’m not going to sell it.

Long Siqi said anxiously: “Mr. Ye, this is the treasure of our Taizhendao township school!”

Ye Chen said lightly: “It used to be, but not now, and I don’t care about its origin, I only know that it is mine now.”

Long Siqi immediately asked him: “Mr. Ye, how much money do you need for you to return the treasure of my Taizhendao Zhenpai? Tell me the number, and I will try my best to persuade my father to pay you!”

Ye Chen smiled and said: “Although I don’t know how much money Miss Long’s father has, I can tell you one thing clearly, even if you put all your father’s assets in front of me, I will not agree!”

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