The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5439


Long Siqi didn’t expect that Ye Chen would reject the conditions he offered so simply.

Long Siqi, who has hardly been rejected by anyone, couldn’t help asking with some displeasure: “Mr. Ye, I don’t know how the treasure of our Taizhendao Zhenpai got into your hands, but I believe that you didn’t get it through something.” fair means.”

Ye Chen sneered and said: “Miss Long jumps to conclusions without knowing what happened. It’s a bit too self-centered to be true. Did I use fair and honest methods? You can ask your master if you know?”

Hong Changqing who was on the side quickly said: “Siqi, don’t be rude to Mr. Ye! Mr. Ye got the medicine cauldron, and the method was of course fair and aboveboard. I gave it to Mr. Ye voluntarily by the master!”

Long Siqi was outraged, and asked him instead: “Master, the medicine cauldron is a thing of Taizhen Dao, and you are only keeping it for you, so what right do you have to give it to others? You are just the head of Taizhen Dao, and your duty is to protect Taizhen Dao The saints who have passed away for thousands of years have continued to learn, but this does not mean that all the resources of Taizhen Dao are at your disposal!”


Hong Changqing really felt humiliated and ashamed after being slapped with righteous words from his senior disciple.

He was self-aware in his heart. Back then, he was the one who played Tailang by himself and deliberately lured Shi Tianqi to take the bait with medicine. But he never thought that Shi Tianqi’s granddaughter called Ye Chen, which not only ruined his plot, but also made him The medicine cauldron was also paid out.

Moreover, he also knew that there was nothing wrong with what Long Siqi said, and that he was only one of the thirty-nine heads of Taizhen Dao. I am only keeping it on my behalf, and I am not qualified to give it away without authorization.

However, this matter is also powerless! After all, I was the one who cheated first, and was caught by Ye Chen. If I don’t give the medicine cauldron to Ye Chen, I am afraid that decades of cultivation will be ruined.

Originally thought that Long Siqi definitely didn’t know what the head of the sect knew, as long as he didn’t tell him, he could be fooled by this matter.

But he didn’t expect that his master really loved Long Siqi and told her about it long ago.

As a result, I can’t justify myself now.

In desperation, he could only truthfully say to Long Siqi: “Siqi, when I came to Jinling as a teacher, I was looking for an expert in the field of alchemy, hoping to get some advice, but in the process of searching, As a teacher, I was greedy to save trouble, and moved my mind wrongly, so that I offended Mr. Ye in the end. As a teacher, I knew I was ashamed, so I could only voluntarily use medicine to make amends to Mr. Ye…”

Long Siqi’s slender sword eyebrows twisted, and when he was about to question, Hong Changqing hurriedly said: “I know, you are right! As a teacher, I am indeed not qualified to give away the treasure of the Taizhen Dao Zhenpai, so I am wrong.” Every mistake is the fault of the teacher alone, and the teacher is a sinner through the ages of Taizhen Dao!”

Long Siqi asked him angrily: “Master, can you solve the problem by saying that you are a sinner through the ages? The key now is how to make up for the heavy losses you caused to Taizhen Dao!”

After that, she looked at Ye Chen and said, “Mr. Ye, since my master said that just now, I will no longer argue with you about the ownership of this medicine cauldron. I just want to ask you, this medicine cauldron , how much are you willing to sell?”

Ye Chen smiled and said: “Miss Long, I just said that even if you put all your father’s assets in front of me, I will not agree.”

Long Siqi frowned, and thought to himself: “This person surnamed Ye probably doesn’t know how much money my father has. In a second-tier domestic city like Jinling, billions of dollars is probably already the ceiling, but my father His assets are at least more than 20 billion U.S. dollars!”

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