The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5443

Being exposed by his apprentice on the spot, Hong Changqing couldn’t help being a little embarrassed.

He sighed, and said helplessly: “Siqi, since I’ve already said this, let me tell you the truth as a teacher. The medicine cauldron was made with malice in mind for the teacher. I can’t blame Master Ye…”

Looking at the ashamed Hong Changqing, Long Siqi asked in surprise, “Master, what’s going on here?”

With a long sigh, Hong Changqing told Long Siqi why he came to Jinling in the first place, and how he deliberately tricked Shi Tianqi after arriving in Jinling.

After hearing this, Long Siqi couldn’t help complaining: “Master, your method is indeed a bit too much… If you look into it, isn’t this a fraud?”

Hong Changqing covered his face with one hand, and said melancholy: “Didn’t I be a little eager for success at the time… I think that Shi Tianqi is a famous doctor of a generation after all, and he can’t be short of money. If I want to buy one of his No matter, he definitely won’t sell it, so I thought about luring him to make a bet with my teacher…”

“Besides, I feel that if this kind of person takes money to bet with him, he won’t talk to me, so I took out the medicine cauldron and wanted to be a bait…”

“I just didn’t expect…it would end up like this in the end…”

Long Siqi couldn’t help scolding: “Master! Since that medicine cauldron is the treasure of our Taizhen Taoist sect, you can’t take it out no matter what!”

Hong Changqing spread his hands, and said with annoyed expression: “I originally thought that since I was setting him up for this kind of thing, then I would win without losing, and taking out the medicine cauldron was just to lure him into being fooled. I won’t lose Yaoding, but what I didn’t expect is that his granddaughter is very familiar with Master Ye, and a phone call to Master Ye, this matter is beyond the master’s control…”

Long Siqi couldn’t help but said: “Master, you are really disappointing.”

Hong Changqing was ashamed, but he still argued with a serious face: “Siqi, this matter is indeed a momentary confusion for the teacher, which made a big mistake… But to be honest, as the saying goes, how do you know it’s not a blessing? I If it weren’t for this showy operation, it would be impossible to get to know Master Ye so quickly! Moreover, Master Ye is kind to me, and he is willing to let me stay by his side to support him.”

Long Siqi frowned and asked: “Master, you are also the head of the Taizhen Dao, even if Master Ye has great powers, you don’t have to forget the position of the head of the Taizhen Dao just because you can support him, right? ”

Hong Changqing waved his hand and said seriously: “What do you know? The ancients said that one can die at night after hearing the Tao. In order to be able to hear the Tao, death doesn’t matter. What is a mere head of the sect?”

As he said that, Hong Changqing said with a serious face: “Siqi, let me tell you something from my heart as a teacher. Our Taizhen Dao has developed for so many years, and there are not many masters who can really enter the dark realm. Do you know why?”

Long Siqi thought for a while, and said: “Perhaps it’s because our apprentices and grandchildren’s qualifications are too poor, and we don’t have the conditions to become masters of the dark realm…”

“Bullshit!” Hong Changqing snorted coldly, and said, “I used to feel the same way as you, but since I was lucky enough to know Master Ye, I realized that we are too true. “Heart Method” seems to be complete, but in fact it is only one-twenty-seventh of the whole “Taizhen Hunyuan Dao”! In other words, we have only mastered the kindergarten K1 grade textbook for the first course of martial arts! Do you expect to use it? To what level can this kind of teaching material be practiced?!”

“What?!” Long Siqi was horrified, his eyes widened and he blurted out: “Master, are you serious? Didn’t you say that most of the sects in this world don’t have complete martial arts mentality? We too The true way is one of the very few sects with a complete mind…”

“Complete fart!” Hong Changqing sneered: “We are just frogs at the bottom of the well, looking at the sky from the well. What we think is complete is just the sky above our heads. We think it is round and has clear boundaries, so we think it is complete.” Yes, in fact, it’s just one billionth of an insignificant part of the vast universe.”

Long Siqi was stunned for a while, then asked: “Master, did that Mr. Ye tell you this too?”

“Yes!” Hong Changqing said seriously: “Although Mr. Ye didn’t say it very clearly, his meaning has been expressed very clearly. He must have the complete “Taizhen Hunyuan Dao” there. Originally, Master Ye thought I was There is a chance to get the second chapter of “Taizhen Hunyuan Dao”, but my motives were not pure before that, so that when Master Ye rewarded me with a elixir and wanted me to work for him, I actually refused to accept it. Thinking of running back to the United States and continuing to be the head of Taizhen Dao…”

Speaking of this, Hong Changqing said in great annoyance: “I’ll tell you the truth, Siqi, as a teacher, I feel regretful now. Before you came, I didn’t know how many times I slapped myself as a teacher. It’s a pity. The big mistake has already been made, so what I can do as a teacher is to try my best to make up for it.”

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