The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5456

Nanako knew that her father had always hoped that she could develop with Ye Chen, so she was not surprised by her father’s teasing.

And she was not very shy, but complained angrily: “If Odosan wants to stay in a hotel, I will book you a room now, and you can stay in the hotel until we return to Japan! If it is not enough, I can buy a hotel for Odosan.”

Yuhiko Ito laughed and said, “Nanako, Odo-san was just joking, please don’t mind…”

As he said that, he hurriedly said again: “Oh, Odosan is about to start playing. You entertain Mr. Ye first, and we won’t go back and disturb you for the time being!”

Seeing that her father stopped teasing, Nanako didn’t say much. After saying goodbye to her father, she hurried out to meet Ye Chen in the basement.

She pressed the down button in the elevator lobby, and the elevator came down from the top floor, and the doors opened quickly.

The moment the elevator door opened, Nanako found that there was already a very beautiful intellectual beauty standing inside. This beauty was tall and tall, with long hair and shawl, wearing a professional suit, very elegant.

When the intellectual beauty in the elevator saw Nanako, her eyes widened in surprise, and then she panicked again.

The executive beauty in the elevator is Liu Manqiong who just returned to Jinling from Hong Kong Island today.

Because she has signed a contract with Jinling University, as a faculty member, she needs to report to the school in advance before the school officially starts. Today is her first day to officially report to the school.

According to the school’s arrangement, she will go to the school today to complete the registration procedures, and then start to participate in various meetings before the start of school every day, including management meetings, mobilization meetings, and academic seminars.

These preparations before the start of school are very complicated, but fortunately Liu Manqiong still has two weeks to prepare even after the freshman starts school, because according to regulations, freshmen still need to receive two weeks of military training.

At this moment, Liu Manqiong was preparing to drive to the school in the basement, but unexpectedly, the elevator stopped at the next floor as soon as she got into the elevator. What’s more, the woman standing outside the door turned out to be the woman she was in sister Xian’s car that day. The super beautiful woman walking with Ye Chen as seen in the movie.

When she saw Nanako in the car that day, Liu Manqiong was shocked by Nanako, but today she found out that this woman who is very close to Ye Chen actually lives downstairs!

Nanako Ito was surprised by the way Liu Manqiong looked at her. Out of politeness, she said very politely: “Hi, are you the neighbor who lives on the top floor?”

Liu Manqiong didn’t expect that Nanako Ito would take the initiative to talk to her, so she hurriedly said in a panic, “Yes… I live on the top floor.”

Nanako Ito smiled slightly, stretched out her hand, and said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m your downstairs neighbor!”

Liu Manqiong smiled and nodded pretending to be relaxed. Seeing that Nanako didn’t press the floor button, she asked curiously, “Are you going to the basement too?”

Nanako nodded and said casually, “I’m going to pick up a friend, how about you? Going out?”

When Liu Manqiong heard that Nanako said that she was going to pick up a friend, her first thought was that Ye Chen might be the one she picked up, so she felt a little nervous, and hurriedly pressed a floor, and said, “I was planning to go to work, but I almost forgot There is a small problem with my car, I’d better go out from the first floor to take a taxi.”

Nanako didn’t think much about it, and smiled at her politely. Seeing that she was holding a folder with the name of Jinling University in her hand, she asked curiously, “Do you work at Jinling University?”

Liu Manqiong nodded and said, “I’m a teacher at Jinling University.”

Nanako gave a thumbs up and praised: “Being able to teach at Jinling University must be a Ph.D. degree. It’s really amazing!”

Liu Manqiong stroked her hair, and said modestly and awkwardly: “A doctor’s degree is nothing special. There are too many people with doctorates now.”

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