The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5457

While speaking, the elevator stopped on the first floor, Liu Manqiong hurried out of the elevator, and before leaving, she pretended to be calm and greeted Nanako, and said politely: “Well, I’ll go first!”


Looking at Liu Manqiong’s back, Nanako felt that she was a little weird, but she couldn’t tell what was strange. She seemed to be a little afraid of herself, and her eyes were wrong when she saw her. For some reason, she seemed relieved when she got out of the elevator Feel.

Nanako was still thinking in her heart: “Am I so scary?”

With that in mind, the elevator has reached the underground garage.

After waiting for about five minutes, Ye Chen drove into the basement.

Nanako hurriedly stood aside and looked forward to it. After Ye Chen parked the car, she immediately came to the car and waited.

As soon as Ye Chen got out of the car, Nanako Ito couldn’t wait to wave to him, and then bowed slightly: “Mr. Ye Chen, you have worked hard all the way!”

Ye Chen was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, “It’s not hard, how long have you been waiting here?”

Nanako Ito hurriedly said, “I just arrived.”

After finishing speaking, she hurriedly asked again: “Mr. Ye Chen came to me suddenly, is there anything important you want to tell me?”

Ye Chen nodded, and said seriously: “What I want to talk to you about is more important, let’s go upstairs and talk about it.”

Nanako Ito smiled sweetly, and made a gesture of invitation: “Please, Marven Ye!”

The two walked into the elevator together. Nanako Ito swiped her card and pressed the floor button, and said to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye Chen, the person living upstairs is actually a beautiful woman, and she is also a teacher of Jinling University.”

“Really?” Ye Chen asked curiously: “How do you know?”

Nanako Ito said: “I happened to get off an elevator with her just now, so we chatted for a while.”

Ye Chen nodded, and said casually: “The teachers of Jinling University can buy in this community, and they have the same type of apartment as you. The financial resources are a bit unusual. I’m afraid ordinary teachers can’t afford a house worth tens of millions. , not to mention that you said she is a beauty, she should be very young, and it is even more difficult for young people to have any savings, and there is a high probability that she is a rich second generation.”

Nanako Ito agreed: “Mr. Marven Ye’s analysis makes sense. I think she has a very good temperament. She should have been pampered and carefully cultivated since she was a child.”

Ye Chen hummed, but didn’t take it to heart.

At this time, the elevator just arrived at the floor where Nanako’s house was located, the elevator door opened, and Nanako invited Ye Chen into the room.

At this time, Nanako had already prepared the tea sets needed for the tea ceremony in the living room, and said to Ye Chen happily as soon as she entered the door: “Please sit down, Mr. Ye Chen, and I will make tea for you!”

Ye Chen nodded, and sat across the tea tray from Nanako, then asked, “Nanako, have you been practicing martial arts recently?”

Nanako didn’t know why Ye Chen suddenly asked this, and said truthfully: “Recently, I seldom have the opportunity to practice martial arts. Since Odosan let me take charge of family affairs, it is difficult for me to spare time to practice martial arts like before. Apart from some time to practice the flexibility of the limbs, there is almost no practice.”

As she said that, she asked Ye Chen: “Why did Mr. Ye Chen suddenly ask this?”

Ye Chen smiled slightly and asked her: “Nanako, do you want to learn martial arts?”

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The site is so good for reading this novel,,, thanks alot more chapters please,,, now that the training want to start hope Charlie will be busy too to make Lin Wan’er not be able to see him

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