The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5460

Ye Chen knew early on that it was difficult to hide the clues of the near-anti-aircraft guns, so he deliberately asked Wan Pojun to make trouble, and arranged all the clues of the near-anti-aircraft guns on the head of the Blackwater Company.

Now, Blackwater’s high-level executives in the Middle East are disappearing inexplicably one after another. It must be that the CCP has been tracking them through the clues left by the near-defense guns.

Wan Pojun said to Ye Chen with a respectful face at this time: “Mr. Ye, the information received by the subordinates is that although the whereabouts of senior executives of the Blackwater Company have been missing one after another, there is no sign of their base being infiltrated. People are also being targeted when they go out, and then disappear, it seems that the people who broke the Qinghui have learned from experience, and dare not sneak into a modern military base rashly.”

Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile: “It’s a good thing to make them be afraid of rats. A thing like a close-in anti-aircraft gun can stop them once, but it may not be able to stop them a second time. But as long as they are afraid in their hearts, it will be a good thing for us. It’s a good thing to say, and if you really start a full-scale war in the future, they will definitely not dare to rashly attack your base in Syria.”

Wan Pojun cupped his hands and said: “Mr. Ye, after a while, my subordinates will arrange for people to transplant the entire defense system of the near-anti-aircraft guns to Syria. It will be a good thing if they really come here, and they will kill as many as they come!”

Ye Chen smiled and said: “Do you think they are all fools? The reason why the last earl died in Cyprus was because he didn’t have any pre-judgment about the danger. You can see it from the way they are dealing with the Blackwater Group now.” , they don’t dare to approach the fortifications now, if they really set their sights on Wanlongdian in the future, they will definitely not launch an attack on your base, on the contrary, they are likely to wait for the high-level officials of Wanlongdian Get out of the base, and then wait for the opportunity to solve it, you can’t run around with the anti-aircraft gun when you go out, right?”

Wan Pojun nodded lightly, and said respectfully: “Mr. Ye, I understand what you mean. They haven’t paid attention to Wanlongdian so far. When they find out that the line of Blackwater Company can’t find any actual results, They will definitely go back to the original point and want to find out the top of the Wanlongdian, and it is estimated that there are still many detours to go.”

Ye Chen said with a smile: “For them, being attacked one after another will definitely make them very nervous. In addition, they also lost a garrison of dead soldiers, and even one of their four counts has already died.” , I speculate that in the next period of time, except for the remaining three earls who will continue to be active outside, everyone else should enter a period of dormancy.”

Wan Pojun hurriedly said: “Mr. Ye, I have another piece of information that I haven’t had time to tell you. The airline company registered in Singapore recalled all the planes distributed in other countries and regions two days ago, and this After the first batch of planes arrived in Singapore, they began routine maintenance, and they have ordered several brand new engines from General Electric to replace some of the old ones;”

“The ordering and replacement of aircraft engines is a very long process. Most airlines, even if there is such a need, will space out one by one to ensure that most of the aircraft can operate normally. Therefore, my subordinates speculate that they During this period of time, there should be no flying missions, which is in line with what you just said, they may enter a period of dormancy.”

“Yes.” Ye Chen said calmly: “The grounding of the plane means that the dispatch of missions will also be stopped at the garrison of the dead. It seems that the death of the earl really made them very nervous. It seems that in the future, there is no need to go too far I’m worried that the meeting will be broken.”

Ye Chen speculates that all the premises of the Poqing Society should have been sealed off, and one of the four earls is dead, and at least one of the other three has started to investigate the Blackwater Company, and the remaining two are likely to be dead. She was looking for that Lin Wan’er and the ring that Lin Wan’er gave her.

So, in this way, Ye Chen can also breathe a sigh of relief. At least, the safety of the grandparents’ family in the future can be greatly guaranteed.

Afterwards, Ye Chen asked Wan Pojun: “Have all the soldiers selected to come to Jinling for training set off?”

Wan Pojun said: “Mr. Ye, this time Wanlong Palace has selected nearly a hundred soldiers, and they have already set off one after another. They are on their way here. Because they don’t want to be focused on, they are all flying to major cities in the country in batches. , as well as several surrounding countries, and then transfer to Jinling respectively, and it is estimated that starting tonight, they will arrive one after another.”

“Okay.” Ye Chen nodded and asked him, “Are they all absolutely reliable?”

Wan Pojun immediately said: “Don’t worry, Mr. Ye, they are all warriors who have been carefully selected and assessed through layers of selection and assessment. They are strong, talented, and loyal to Wanlongdian.”

Ye Chen asked again: “What are the strengths of these people?”

Wan Pojun said: “Among them, the most powerful ones are the two kings of the Wanlong Palace, Chen Zhonglei and Lu Haotian, who were lucky enough to drink your celebration wine in Mexico last time, and now these two have entered the rank of six-star warriors In the late stage, he is only one step away from the Seven Star Warrior.”

Speaking of this, Wan Pojun paused slightly, and then said: “Besides the two of them, among the remaining members of the Wanlong Temple, there are many five-star generals and more than a dozen four-star warriors, the weakest He is also a three-star fighter.”

Ye Chen nodded. Hearing what Wan Pojun said, it seems that these warriors are basically all the wealth of Wanlong Palace at the level of warriors.

The training this time must allow their strength to be greatly increased, so that Wanlongdian’s strength in the field of martial arts will achieve a great leap forward.

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