The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5461

This moment.

In the top courtyard of Zijin Villa.

The landscape painting in front of Lin Wan’er was already 80% complete.

And she was using a brush to draw a particularly luxuriant tree on the edge of the lake in the mountains.

After the big tree was drawn, she used a very fine brush to outline the outline of a human body under the tree.

At this moment, there was a knock on the gate outside the courtyard, and Lao Zhang said respectfully outside the courtyard: “Miss, I have something important to report!”

Lin Wan’er frowned, put down the brush lightly, walked outside the door, and said lightly, “Come in.”

The wooden courtyard door was pushed open by Lao Zhang, he hurried into the courtyard, trotted all the way to Lin Wan’er, and said respectfully: “Miss, this old slave just received a message that the Jiangong who broke the Qing Dynasty was shot in Cyprus killed!”

“What?!” Lin Wan’er asked in horror: “You said that Uncle Jiangong was killed?! Who can kill him?”

Lao Zhang hurriedly said: “Who did it is still unknown at present, but the informant received by the old slave said that the British Lord has informed all the middle-level and above personnel of the news, Jiangong Bo was killed by a close-range gun Dead, in addition to the killing of Uncle Jiangong, the garrison of dead soldiers in Cyprus has also been completely destroyed!”

“Cyprus?” Lin Wan’er asked in surprise, “Where were the dead soldiers stationed before the Qing Dynasty?”

“Yes, miss.” Lao Zhang nodded lightly, and said respectfully: “This time, the British Lord who broke the Qing Dynasty directly announced the process of the destruction of the Cyprus dead soldiers’ garrison!”

“It is said that the other party first slaughtered the members of the entire dead soldier’s garrison, including more than a thousand dead soldiers and their families, as well as hundreds of Xiaoqi guards and their relatives;”

“In addition, the other side also beheaded hundreds of cavalry guards and nearly a thousand family members in the upper level of the dead man’s station and a copper smelter in Turkey!”

“Then the other party set up a net at the slain garrison in Cyprus, using extremely powerful and fast-firing close-in defense guns to kill Uncle Jiangong!”

“The British Lord now requires all personnel above the middle level to enter the highest state of alert, and at the same time ordered to suspend all the activities of the Poqing Society, and even the contact between the personnel stationed abroad and the Poqing Society has been temporarily interrupted!”

Lin Wan’er asked in horror: “Is this true?!”

Old Zhang bowed his body and said devoutly: “Miss Hui, it’s absolutely true!”

Lin Wan’er was overjoyed and said, “Good! That’s really great!”

At this moment, Lao Zhang couldn’t help but said: “Miss, I don’t understand something.”

Lin Wan’er said, “Say it.”

Old Zhang respectfully said: “Miss, the dead soldiers stationed in the Qing Dynasty is a top secret, and the dead soldiers station is huge and heavily guarded. In addition to the dead soldiers and the knight guards, there are also Jiedu envoys above the dark realm. Quietly massacre all the people in the slain garrison? This… this is too unbelievable…”

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