The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5462

In Lin Wan’er’s mind, Ye Chen’s appearance suddenly appeared, and she couldn’t help saying, “I think I probably know who did it.”

After all, Lin Wan’er said with some doubts: “But… this kind of violent and cruel method doesn’t seem to be his style!”

Lao Zhang pondered for a moment, and then asked: “Miss, could it be that… it is Mr. Ye Chenye who you mentioned earlier who saved us?”

Lin Wan’er frowned: “When you said that Uncle Jiangong was killed, I thought it might be him, but you said that thousands of people were massacred among those dead men, the knight guards and their relatives, I think it was definitely not him. What can be done! Besides, I saw him in Jinling a few days ago.”

Lao Zhang asked her: “Miss, what do you mean, is there someone else who killed Uncle Jiangong and destroyed the garrison of the dead soldiers of the Poqing Society?”

Lin Wan’er said seriously: “This is only one of the possibilities, and there is another possibility, that is: behind this matter, Ye Chen is indeed in charge, but the one who killed Uncle Jiangong should not be Ye Chen himself.”

Old Zhang asked in surprise: “Miss, didn’t you just say that this method of massacring thousands of people is not like his style?”

“Yes!” Lin Wan’er nodded, and said firmly: “So I think the Lord Ying is probably lying!”

Lao Zhang asked her: “You mean, this matter is fake?”

“No.” Lin Wan’er said firmly: “Since it is reported that Uncle Jiangong died, then he must really be dead. With such important news, the British Lord has no reason to deliberately lie to disturb the morale of the army.”

After finishing speaking, Lin Wan’er changed the subject: “However, in my opinion, the garrison of dead soldiers in Cyprus and the copper smelter in Turkey may not have been massacred to death like what the British Lord said. On the contrary, I believe that , the people there have all been instigated by Ye Chen!”

Lao Zhang was puzzled: “This… how is this possible… Although the dead warriors and Xiaoqiwei hate the Poqing Society the most, they are also the least likely to betray the Poqing Society. The poison in their bodies is beyond compare. Understand, if they betray the British Lord, they, and their family members, will surely die within a few days! How could they do such a mortal thing?”

Lin Wan’er suddenly became agitated, and blurted out: “You’re right! There is no antidote, it’s the core key for everyone not to betray the Qing Dynasty…unless…”

As she said that, Lin Wan’er said seriously: “Unless someone can cure the poison of Po Qinghui!”

Speaking of this, Lin Wan’er said with great joy: “Ye Chen once told those Xiaoqi guards who came to arrest me that day that he had a way to detoxify their bodies! It seems that he did not lie!”

“This…” Lao Zhang asked puzzledly: “Miss…the poison of the Qinghui has been passed down for hundreds of years and no one can cure it…that Ye Chen, really has such a great ability?”

Lin Wan’er had calmed down, and said with a smile: “No matter how difficult everything is, there will always be a moment when substantial progress will be made, just like human beings have not been able to fly for tens of thousands of years, until the birth of the airplane, everything will be logical Smallpox has ravaged mankind for thousands of years, and the ancients thought it had no cure, but since the day the vaccine was invented, hasn’t this virus been successfully deciphered by humans, or even completely extinct?”

Speaking of this, Lin Wan’er said with a smile: “Thinking about it from another angle, no one has been able to decipher the poison of the Qing Dynasty in its four hundred years of history. Four hundred years have passed, and it is time for it to be deciphered.” !”

Lin Wan’er paused for a moment, and continued: “More importantly, Ye Chen can not only detoxify, but also detoxify thousands of people! This will definitely make the hero so nervous that he can’t sleep at night!”

Lao Zhang became excited immediately, and said tremblingly with excitement: “That’s great…it’s really great…if…if it’s like what you said…then…then it will be over soon Those who were completely dismantled… Among other things, those dead soldiers and knight guards have been enslaved and controlled by the Poqing Society for generations. Once they have the antidote, they will definitely fight to the death with the Poqing Society without hesitation! As long as the antidote If it can be given to them, the foundation of the Qing Dynasty for hundreds of years will disappear completely!”

“Yes!” Lin Wan’er laughed, “The Poqing Society’s method of controlling dead soldiers is a double-edged sword that can kill a thousand enemies and injure a few thousand at the same time. As long as no one can decipher their poison, These dead men not only dare not make mistakes, but also have no chance to make mistakes. Whoever wants to make mistakes, the Qing Dynasty will only need to break their antidote to fight without bloodshed; ”

“But it is precisely because of this that even though those dead soldiers obeyed their words and were firmly controlled by them, they hated them to the bone in their hearts. Once they have the opportunity to detoxify their bodies, the new and old hatreds of generations will be destroyed. Combined, they will definitely be the first to declare war on the Poqing Society!”

“So, whoever masters the method to crack the poison will be equivalent to strangling the throat of the Po Qinghui!”

Speaking of this, Lin Wan’er sighed: “I guess the British Lord is also aware of this, afraid of exposing the other dead soldiers’ camps, and then being instigated by others as a whole, so he stopped all actions of the dead soldiers!”

Old Zhang agreed, and couldn’t help asking while being excited: “Miss, this Mr. Ye has great powers. If you can really cooperate with him, dig out all the dead soldiers of the Poqing Society and instigate rebellion one by one, then the Poqing Society will be very powerful.” It’s coming!”

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