The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5465

Su Ruoli understood what Ye Chen meant.

Although eight-star fighters are extremely rare, this is only one of the stations where Ye Chen’s express train stops briefly. I am lucky to board this train, and I don’t have much time to appreciate the scenery of this station, because my train will soon pass by. Will continue to the next stop.

And my next stop is Mingjing Dzogchen!

Su Ruoli knew that she had said too many words of gratitude, and in front of Ye Chen’s favor, she was already pale and powerless, so she knelt down on one knee, clasped her fists tightly, and said with firm eyes: “Mr. You must go all out!”

Ye Chen nodded with a smile on his face.

On the other hand, He Hongsheng’s eyes were flushed with excitement.

He heard the meaning of Ye Chen’s words, and knew that Su Ruoli’s cultivation would continue to improve in the future, and Su Ruoli was still very young. If Ye Chen kept supporting him, he might be able to enter the He family in a short time. A dark realm that the ancestors could not have imagined for hundreds of years!

In the past, for a warrior like He Hongsheng, the dark realm was the ultimate realm that was beyond reach.

Although Martial Dao still has Transformation Realm and Grandmaster Realm, in his cognition, these two realms are no longer the heights that human beings can reach, and reaching the Dark Realm is already the end of Martial Dao, and it is the end that is almost untouchable.

But now, Su Ruoli has arrived at the gate of the dark realm.

The next day, the soldiers of the Wanlong Palace who came to Jinling from all over the world began to arrive one after another.

Some of them flew directly to Jinling from neighboring countries, and some flew to neighboring cities first, and then chose other means of transportation to arrive in Jinling.

The reason for being so cautious is that Ye Chen is not sure whether any of the three remaining earls of the Qing Dynasty are in the country at the moment.

If there is no one, it is easy to say, if there is, when he finds a large number of warriors concentrated and maneuvering, he will definitely feel suspicious. Once these warriors from Wanlongdian are targeted by the opponent, they will easily be followed by the opponent to the Champs Elysees Hot Spring Hotel .

And Ye Chen’s caution was not groundless.

At this moment, Uncle Chang Sheng, the most powerful among the four Earls of the Qing Dynasty, is searching for Lin Wan’er’s whereabouts in Yanjing.

In the last video conference, the Lord Ying gave him a new order, that is to go to Jinling to find the whereabouts of Ye Changying and An Chengqi’s only son, find him, and then kill him.

However, the priority of this task is still after finding Lin Wan’er and her ring.

In addition, Chang Shengbo is not interested in the task of finding and killing Ye Chen. In his opinion, Ye Changying and An Chengqi are already the dead souls of his subordinates. It’s meaningless to be the son of a defeated general.

What’s more, even if I managed to find and kill Ye Chen, it would not be considered a great contribution to the Po Qinghui, but Lin Wan’er is different. Lin Wan’er is of great significance to the British Lord. It’s a great achievement, if you can still find the whereabouts of the ring, the Lord of the Kingdom will definitely reward you heavily.

Therefore, looking for Ye Chen is far less beneficial than looking for Lin Wan’er and her ring.

It is precisely because of this that Chang Shengbo is not in a hurry to go to Jinling.

He set a time point for himself, if he could not find Lin Wan’er’s whereabouts in Yanjing on September 1st, then he would set off for Jinling to find Ye Chen’s trace.

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