The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5469

Long Siqi drove the Mercedes-Benz G63 that came to the Champs-Elysees Hot Spring Hotel, which was arranged by her father, and it was an existing car that was brought directly from the 4S shop for an additional 800,000 yesterday.

Since there is still a section of mountain road from the Champs Elysees Hot Spring Hotel to the Banshan Villa, after Hong Changqing learned that Long Siqi was coming by car, he waited directly at the door, and when Long Siqi arrived, he directly got into the passenger seat and directed Long Siqi to drive up the hill.

On the way up the mountain, Hong Changqing asked her: “Siqi, how did you communicate with Taizhendao, your brothers, and uncles and uncles? Why did you agree to come with me so quickly?”

In fact, Hong Changqing’s subtext was that Long Siqi had just taken over as the head of the sect, and in just a few days, it might not be possible for everyone in Taizhen Dao to fully accept her status as the head of the sect, let alone be convinced and obey her words.

Long Siqi was not a fool either, she said directly: “Master, I didn’t tell them when I went back that you have passed on the headship to me.”

Hong Changqing asked in surprise: “Ah? You didn’t say?”

Long Siqi curled his lips: “Why should I say it… If I said it, how could I move them?”

“I’ll go…” Hong Changqing blurted out, “You didn’t mean to tell them that it was my idea to move Taizhen Dao to Jinling, right?”

Long Siqi nodded: “That’s right! That’s what I said, and only you have this influence and appeal. Otherwise, how could they be so obedient, pack up and follow?”

“I…” Hong Changqing wanted to cry but had no tears: “Siqi, Siqi, you are really cheating! You used my name to trick them here, but I am not too real. How are you going to talk to them?” Explain?”

Long Siqi said solemnly: “Master, why do I have to explain to them? You have to explain to them.”

“Me?!” Hong Changqing became anxious, and blurted out: “I’m still telling the fuck, I’m not the head of the Taoist sect.”

Long Siqi asked: “Master, you are not the head, so who is it?”

After all, she didn’t wait for Hong Changqing to speak, and said directly and decisively: “I don’t care who is the head, anyway, I am not.”

Hong Changqing blew his beard and stared angrily, and said, “Why aren’t you! I have passed on the title of Sect Leader to you, and I have also passed on the token of Sect Leader and the entire copy of “Taizhen Hunyuan Dao”, you are the one.” The 40th head of Taizhen Dao! It’s this time, you can’t turn your back on it, Si Qi!”

Long Siqi said with a serious expression: “Master, if you give me the ancestral medicine cauldron of Taizhen Dao, then I will bear it, but the key is that you didn’t give me the medicine cauldron. The medicine cauldron that was inherited disappeared inexplicably when it came to me, you can’t make me take the blame for this, can you? I don’t dare to take it either!”

Speaking of this, Long Siqi said again: “So, Master, I am here today not only to meet Mr. Ye, but also to express my opinion to you. You are still the thirty-ninth head of our Taizhen Dao, disciple. And there are more than two hundred members of the Taizhen Dao, who all obey your orders! Everyone is still waiting for you to come and say a few words, the main reason is that everyone still doesn’t know why you want everyone to move to Jinling.”

Hong Changqing was about to collapse, and said with tears in his eyes: “This… this… What kind of thing is this! I also swore to Master Ye that I will have nothing to do with Taizhen Dao in the future, and you are giving me Come on, how can I explain to Master Ye…”

Long Siqi shrugged: “Master, this disciple is powerless…”

Hong Changqing suddenly remembered something, and quickly asked: “Then what did you say when you went to see Master Ye today? You said before that you would bring the whole Taizhen Taoism to worship under him, but now you say that you are not the head of the sect, then how are you going to talk to Master Ye later?” Master explain?”

Long Siqi said: “Master, after I met Mr. Ye, I naturally confessed the truth, and at the same time expressed my attitude to Mr. Ye, telling him that I personally hope to be able to worship under him, but Mr. Ye can’t see it.” It is still unknown, but if Mr. Ye is interested, then with Master you as the head, the whole Taizhen Dao will worship under Mr. Ye’s sect, isn’t it just a matter of your words?”

Hong Changqing said angrily: “Siqi, you are a young man who doesn’t talk about martial arts! You have made me unrighteous! Later, Mr. Ye said that I am a domestic slave with two surnames. Where can I put my old face?”

Long Siqi said with a little resentment: “Master, you are the one who wants to pass on the headship to me, and you deliberately didn’t tell me about the medicine cauldron, and wanted me to be taken advantage of. I haven’t even said that you trap me It’s unrighteous!”

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