The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5470

Long Siqi’s words made Hong Changqing speechless for a moment.

In fact, Hong Changqing is also very clear that even if he has worked hard and worked hard for the entire Taizhen Dao in the past few decades, he still cannot get rid of the pot of losing the ancestral medicine tripod.

After all, it is a treasure that has been passed down for thousands of years and has been passed down for thirty-nine generations. It would be fine if it disappeared quietly. relieved.

However, the bad thing is that I, the eldest disciple who passed on my own, knew about the medicine cauldron a long time ago. If it is really passed on, then I will become a sinner of the sect through the ages.

Therefore, Long Siqi was unwilling to take the blame for Hong Changqing, and he could understand it in his heart.

However, the current situation is indeed difficult for him. Long Siqi categorically denied the identity of the fortieth head, so there is no doubt that he is still the head of the sect in the eyes of more than 200 people in Taizhen Dao .

And Ye Chen’s training is about to start, and Long Siqi brought more than two hundred Taizhen Dao disciples to Jinling, how could he be so busy?

More importantly, how should I explain this to Ye Chen?

Hong Changqing, who was so depressed, couldn’t help complaining: “Siqi, let’s master and apprentice take care of this matter. You just said that you don’t want to be the head of the sect. The reason is reasonable and well-founded. It is understandable for the master, but since you don’t want to be Head, why didn’t you tell me directly? Not only did you not tell me, but you also used the name of teacher to bring all the Taizhen Daoists to Jinling without asking for the teacher’s consent. Isn’t it appropriate?”

Long Siqi said aggrievedly: “Master, you are the head of Taizhen Dao, but you left Taizhen Dao behind and stayed in Jinling alone. Brothers and uncles have been looking forward to When you go back, I can’t tell them that you have completely given up on everyone, right? For example, there is nothing wrong with mother remarrying. After all, it is a personal choice, but there must be a proper arrangement for the children in the family? If you just let go and leave it alone , it is understandable for the children to come here!”

As soon as Hong Changqing heard this, he knew that he couldn’t beat Long Siqi at all, so depressed he could only sit on the passenger seat and sigh: “Siqi, Siqi, you’ve made your teacher miserable…”

Long Siqi asked him: “Master, there is something I haven’t thought to understand.”

Hong Changqing sighed and said, “Hey, what do you want to understand?”

Long Siqi said: “Master, I know that Mr. Ye has great powers, and I also know that you definitely hope to get Mr. Ye’s advice, but you don’t have to give up the position of the head of Taizhen Dao, right? Your prestige in the sect , is beyond the reach of the disciples. If the disciples tell them directly that the entire Taizhen Dao is to be worshiped under the name of Mr. Ye, there may be some uncles and uncles who are unwilling to agree out of their own arrogance, but if you come forward, Then they naturally dare not have any complaints, isn’t this matter a matter of course? Why do you insist on passing the position of master to your disciple?”

Hong Changqing lamented: “In the final analysis of this matter, it is a wrong step and a wrong step.”

As he said that, Hong Changqing inevitably looked a little ashamed and said: “I told you before that the reason why I lost the medicine cauldron was mainly because I had impure motives. In fact, there is another thing here. you say……”

Long Siqi asked: “What’s the matter?”

Hong Changqing lowered his head and said dejectedly: “At the beginning, Master Ye deliberately asked Wei Shi to worship under his sect, and he was the only one to look after him, and Master Ye also gave Wei Shi a elixir very sincerely, so that Wei Shi’s cultivation base can directly break through. Arrived at Ming Realm Dzogchen…”

“Ming Realm Dzogchen?!” Long Siqi exclaimed: “Master…you…you are already Dzogchen Ming Realm? Why didn’t I hear you mention it last time?”

“Ahem…” Hong Changqing said in embarrassment: “Before you came that time, the teacher had indeed reached the state of Ming Realm Dzogchen. Master judges the heart of a gentleman with the heart of a villain, and thinks that Master Ye wants to pry into the core secrets of the Taizhen Dao, so he declined Master Ye politely under the pretext of not being ashamed of his sect…”

Long Siqi asked in confusion: “What does this have to do with your cultivation?”

“Hey, it’s a big relationship…” Hong Changqing sighed: “When I was a teacher and declined Master Ye at the time, I was indeed a bit of a villain. The door, let me serve others on the back of the saddle, I am somewhat unhappy as a teacher, so I thought, it is better not to be too obedient to Master Ye, it is best to let him see that I am too obedient in my heart. There are still many worries about the true way, what I think about my teacher is, if Master Ye feels that my teacher is too much to be reused, fortunately I can let my teacher return to the United States, it would be great…”

“No, Master…” Long Siqi said in amazement: “You said just now that Mr. Ye gave you a pill that helped you break through to the Ming Realm Dzogchen, but you took the pill that Mr. Ye gave you. Pills, but don’t want to contribute to Mr. Ye, isn’t this what people often say about prostitution for nothing?”

Hong Changqing said with a dark face: “What is white whoring… Siqi, girls, don’t speak so badly, okay…”

Long Siqi said seriously: “Master, let me tell you something from the bottom of my heart, although I don’t know what kind of pill Mr. Ye gave you, and I don’t know why it has such a strong medicinal effect and can directly help you break through The Zhiming Realm is perfect, but this disciple can say a word of justice, since the efficacy of this elixir is so powerful, it must be priceless, perhaps worth hundreds of millions of dollars!”

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