The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5472

Hearing Hong Changqing begging to see him, he casually said in.

Only then did Hong Changqing and Long Siqi walk into the living room. Seeing Ye Chen working on something in front of the filling equipment, they looked at each other. It was Hong Changqing who spoke first, “Master Ye, Siqi is here.”

Ye Chen raised his head, looked at the nervous Long Siqi, and said with a smile: “Miss Long, we meet again.”

Long Siqi couldn’t help stammering and said: “Ye…Hello, Mr. Ye! Junior Long Siqi, I have met Mr. Ye!”

Before entering the door, Long Siqi’s heart beat faster and he was extremely nervous.

This was mainly because she knew that she was very reckless in front of Ye Chen last time, and now that she came to see Ye Chen again, she would feel ashamed.

In addition to this, she was also very worried, wondering if she would be able to get what she wanted this time in Jinling.

Ye Chen heard that she called herself a junior, and said calmly: “Miss Long should be slightly older than me, so you don’t have to call yourself a junior.”

Long Siqi hurriedly said: “Mr. Ye, the old master calls himself a subordinate in front of you, and I am his direct disciple. Naturally, I am a junior in front of you…”

Ye Chen smiled slightly, and joked, “Miss Long seems to be a lot more polite than last time when we met.”

Long Siqi said embarrassingly: “The junior was reckless last time, please don’t mind Mr. Ye…”

Ye Chen nodded, and said casually: “I heard that Miss Long has brought all the people who are too true to Jinling?”

“Yes…” Long Siqi said respectfully, “Mr. Ye, there are a total of 217 people from Taizhen Dao, and they all arrived in Jinling today…”

After all, Long Siqi didn’t hold back, and went straight to the point: “Mr. Ye, this junior came to Jinling this time, I beg you to take the face of the old man as the master, and take the Taizhen Tao into your sect…”

Ye Chen asked curiously: “Why is it for the sake of your master? Hasn’t he already passed on the headship to you?”

Long Siqi blurted out without hesitation: “Mr. Ye, this junior has thought about this matter carefully after going back, and felt that no matter what, he would not be able to accept the position of head of Taizhen Dao, so he gave up on his own initiative.”

“Give up?” Ye Chen looked surprised, looked at Long Siqi, then looked at Hong Changqing who was depressed, and asked curiously: “Can you give up too? Haven’t you all gone through the process of passing the position?” ?”

Long Siqi said earnestly: “Mr. Ye, the succession of the throne was not complete because the sect leader’s tokens were not complete, so it was impossible to count.”

Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile: “I understand, although Hong Tianshi passed on the position of head to you last time, you regretted it after you went back.”

Long Siqi: “Yes.”

Ye Chen asked her: “Then how did you explain it to the Taizhen Taoist disciples after you went back?”

Long Siqi said: “Mr. Ye, after the younger generation returned, I showed the token of sect master that the master gave me to the core members of the Taizhen Dao, and then told them that the master had a destiny, and asked all the members of the Taizhen Dao to move as soon as possible. Jinling… they saw the sect leader’s token, and they didn’t have any doubts about the junior’s statement…”

Ye Chen admired Long Siqi’s coquettish operation in his heart, then looked at Hong Changqing, and said seriously: “Hong Tianshi, you want to pass on the throne to Miss Long, but Miss Long said she gave up. From a basic logic point of view, you are still the head of Taizhen Dao.”

Hong Changqing on the side said helplessly: “Master Ye, this subordinate thought that after passing the throne to Siqi, he would be able to serve you with peace of mind, but this subordinate really did not expect such a thing to happen. It is really unfortunate for the master… …”

Speaking of this, he not only sighed, but said: “The main thing is that when the position was passed on last time, my subordinates did not think of leaving any evidence out of trust in Si Qi, but now this girl Si Qi suddenly repented. The subordinates are also caught off guard…”

Ye Chen smiled slightly, looked at Long Siqi, and asked her: “Since Miss Long is unwilling to take over the position of head, why bother to move the entire Taizhen Dao to Jinling?”

Long Siqi’s expression froze, and he quickly said: “Mr. Ye, this junior knows that you are a person with great supernatural powers. Taizhen Dao has not made much progress in the past few hundred years. This junior hopes that Taizhen Dao can use your help. This is why I decided to bring Taizhen Dao here… If you are willing to take Taizhen Dao under your command, everyone in Taizhen Dao will definitely remember your kindness, and will definitely look up to you in the future!”

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