The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5490

“This…” Li Yalin seemed to be thinking, but in fact he was thinking to himself: “The An family has searched the whole world long ago, but they didn’t review Jinling properly. If I don’t know Ye Chen, your old man will let me If I look for his whereabouts, then I must find a way to turn Jinling upside down, not to mention a person, not even a dog, especially in a relatively closed environment such as an orphanage… But you ask me now , how should I say?”

In desperation, Li Yalin could only say vaguely: “I think this matter, because it has been too many years, so I really have to go back to the place where the incident happened to investigate, and the chance of finding him should be relatively slim. As you said, Ye Chen should be twenty-eight years old now. Adults who are twenty-eight years old rarely live in one place all the time. Even if he was indeed still in Jinling after Cheng Qi’s accident, but these twenty years have passed, he has been staying in Jinling. Jinling is unlikely.”

“It’s also…” The old lady sighed: “Whether you have money or not, in this social environment, few young people can stay in one place for twenty years…”

As she said that, she said helplessly again: “It’s just that we really don’t know where to start, so we can only go back to the place where the incident happened and trace the source from the beginning.”

Li Yalin was very depressed and thought to himself: “If I swear to the old lady that Ye Chen is most likely not in Jinling, and when Ye Chen and the old lady meet in the future, the grandparents and grandchildren will hold hands and talk about the experience of the past twenty years. Besides, if you say that you have been in Jinling for twenty years, wouldn’t that slap me in the face? I am also a Chinese detective, we can’t afford to lose this person…”

Thinking of this, he hurriedly went back and added a sentence, and said, “Auntie, I think this matter is worthwhile, and different people will have different decisions regarding this matter:”

After a pause, Li Yalin said again: “If an ordinary person, his parents were killed in this place, and he is not very old, then he will definitely have a psychological shadow on this place, and even try to get rid of it as much as possible, and never come back again;”

“But if you are the kind of person who attaches great importance to feelings, you may also feel that your parents were killed here, and you can only stay closer to your parents if you stay here;”

“There is also a very far-sighted person. After his parents were killed, he knew that his situation was not safe. Adhering to the logic that the most dangerous place is the safest, he may stay in this place forever;”

Speaking of this, Li Yalin added: “Oh, yes, there is another kind, that is, there are other people behind the scenes to arrange. In this case, he can’t let him decide.”

The old lady was silent for a moment, and asked, “You must have encountered a similar case, right? In the case you have handled, if the child’s family is killed and the child’s whereabouts are unknown, where is the child likely to end up?”

Li Yalin thought for a while, and said truthfully: “Auntie, to be honest, I have indeed handled many similar cases. Most of the surviving children will contact other relatives, such as grandparents, uncles and aunts, after hiding for a period of time. Usually don’t disappear for a long time;”

“In most cases where the child has been missing for a long time, the surviving child has become a homeless man, sleeping in the ruins or under bridge holes every night, living in no fixed place, and during the day he either steals or steals money. Relief food is received everywhere, and some people even join gangs or become addicted to drugs. Many people don’t even live to be twenty years old. After death, the police will follow the procedure to sample his DNA, and then put it into the DNA database to find clues to his family , It was only then that I discovered that this person was the only child who survived a certain murder.”

Old Madam An was in a daze, and she said in a low voice after a while: “After Cheng Qi and Changying’s accident, Chen’er has not contacted anyone, An’s family, or Ye’s family, but Chen’er has been very smart since she was a child. He was already eight years old at that time, he must have remembered the contact information of the An family and the Ye family, if he wanted to contact us, there must be many ways to get in touch, but he didn’t do it…”

Saying that, the old lady sighed, and said quietly: “I think he might blame our two families for his parents’ death.”

Li Yalin said noncommittally: “This… I don’t know the specific situation, so I can’t confirm it.”

The old lady said again: “Chen’er is very smart, and he was educated very well since he was a child. If he is still alive, then he should not go astray like those children you mentioned, so I think there are only two possibilities.” One is that he hides and does not want to see us, the other is that someone hides and he does not want us to know. I am more inclined to the latter because so many people searched for his whereabouts but could not find him. An eight-year-old child, How could it be possible to hide it from everyone?”

An Chongqiu couldn’t help asking: “Mom, who would hide Chen’er?”

The old lady said with a serious expression: “Who will, I don’t know, but there are only two possibilities, one good and one bad, the good ones may be Cheng Qi and Changying’s subordinates, the bad ones may be their enemies, or other people with ulterior motives people.”

An Chongqiu frowned: “Mom, we searched for all my brother-in-law’s subordinates in the country back then. They didn’t know about Chen’er’s whereabouts, and they were all as anxious as us.”

“Yes.” The old lady nodded: “That was indeed the feeling I got back then, but so many years have passed, and now that I think about it carefully, if any of them lied, we have no way of verifying it.”

An Chongqiu asked: “Then do you want to ask them about the situation?”

“I have to ask.” The old lady said with a firm expression: “This time, I must find out the whereabouts of Chen’er. If Jinling can’t find it, I will continue to search all over the world!”

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