The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5493

An Qishan leaned against the head of the bed, still murmured in disbelief: “It seems like I haven’t slept so well for many years.”

After finishing speaking, he continued: “Maybe it’s because I was too tired from traveling and traveling yesterday, that’s why I slept so soundly…”

Immediately afterwards, he shook his head again, and murmured: “It’s probably not the only reason… Maybe it’s also related to the environment here. I looked around on the way here yesterday, and it seems to be on the mountain, and there is a The lake, Feng Jing should be good, but unfortunately it was too late to see clearly, such a good environment, people must be a lot more relaxed.”

The old lady nodded slightly in agreement, she also felt the same way.

The next second, she suddenly looked at An Qishan in horror, and blurted out, “Qishan, do you still remember what happened yesterday?!”

For Mrs. An, during this period of time, she has long been used to explaining his illness to her husband the first time she wakes up every day, and introducing to him the current time and what happened recently, even yesterday.

This is mainly because An Qishan’s memory has deteriorated very severely. He can’t even remember the events of the past ten years. What happened every day will definitely be forgotten the next day.

However, the old lady heard from the conversation just now that her wife still remembered what happened yesterday, and the blurry scene she saw under the moonlight when she came to Wanliu Villa by car. Very surprised.

An Qishan was a little surprised at this moment, touched his forehead, and asked her: “Do you remember what happened yesterday?”

The old lady said with joy on her face: “It’s been a long time since you woke up the next day and didn’t remember what happened the day before.”

Then, the old lady couldn’t wait to ask him again: “What do you remember about yesterday? Tell me quickly!”

An Qishan frowned: “I remember that we took a plane for a long time. After getting off the plane, we took a car and drove all the way to the suburbs. Then I fell asleep because I was too tired.”

The old lady hurriedly asked again: “Then do you remember what happened earlier?”

An Qishan asked her: “How early is it?”

The old lady asked: “Do you remember what happened before we left in the United States? Do you remember what we talked with Chongqiu and Yalin on the plane before departure?”

An Qishan’s expression suddenly fell into a daze, he looked around in a daze, and then looked down at his hands, his expression fell into a strong dilemma.

He thought about it for a long time, but he couldn’t restore the memory before the plane took off.

He said with a painful expression: “What’s going on… The farthest I can remember is getting off the plane and rushing all the way here. I can’t remember anything else…”

The old lady quickly comforted: “It’s okay, Qishan, it’s already great that you can remember these, because you couldn’t even remember anything that happened the day before.”

As she said that, the old lady couldn’t help saying excitedly: “Over the years, your condition has been deteriorating, and I have never seen the hope of a reversal, but now is a very, very good signal! It seems that Hong Tianshi and I It is true to say that this place is a place of geomantic omen! This time it is indeed the right time to come to Jinling!”

The old lady didn’t know that the old man’s obvious improvement on the first night of living in Wanliu Villa was all due to the inconspicuous little formation that Ye Chen had set up in this villa.

Don’t look at this formation, it just uses a rejuvenation pill and some spiritual energy, but the value of this formation is more than 100 billion.

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