The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5498

at the same time.

Jinling Old Town.

Anjia’s originally eye-catching convoy broke up before entering the old city, making it less conspicuous, but all the vehicles are still closely guarding the commercial vehicle that Ye Chen’s grandmother and uncle were riding in.

In Ye Chen’s parents’ old house, Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu had already had breakfast.

Su Zhiyu dressed herself concisely, picked up her handbag, and said to Du Haiqing, “Mom, I’m going to the School of Finance and Economics.”

Du Haiqing nodded, and asked: “Drive slowly on the road, will you come back to eat at noon?”

Su Zhiyu said: “I won’t be back at noon, I will eat with Zhiqiu in the cafeteria of the School of Finance and Economics.”

As one of the persons in charge of Yisu Shipping, Su Zhiyu and He Zhiqiu have been going to Jinling University of Finance and Economics to find He Zhiqiu’s father, He Yuanjiang, to recharge his lessons every day in recent days.

Now, the business of Yisu Shipping is getting bigger and bigger, the market share and operating income are getting higher and higher. Although the two girls have not had any problems in the operation of a large stall worth hundreds of billions of dollars, the development speed of the company is too fast after all. Hurry up, both of them are worried that the upper limit of Yisu Shipping will be limited due to their lack of experience and ability, so they have been looking for He Yuanjiang to recharge at the School of Finance and Economics these days.

After all, He Yuanjiang is a top professor of economics, and he also has rich practical experience and knowledge. For the two young girls, he is like a guide.

Su Zhiyu was changing his shoes and getting ready to go out when he heard a crisp knock on the courtyard door.

In order to preserve the original taste of this old house to the greatest extent, Du Haiqing chose the iron fence door as the courtyard door. Although there is no doorbell, the door knocking sound is as clear as a copper bell, and it can be heard in the room.

Su Zhiyu was a little puzzled, and muttered: “Who came to the house so early in the morning? Could it be Mr. Ye?”

“How could it be?” Du Haiqing subconsciously said: “Didn’t Ye Chen say that if someone came to inquire about him recently, should we not mention it? How could he come here by himself when he is so sensitive.”

As she spoke, she hurriedly said, “I’ll go out and have a look.”

Immediately, Du Haiqing changed into his outdoor slippers, opened the door and walked out.

Through the iron gate, she saw an old lady and a middle-aged man standing outside the gate. These two were Ye Chen’s grandmother and uncle.

However, Ye Chen’s grandmother has almost never appeared in front of the media for so many years, and An Chongqiu hardly deals with the media because he is in charge of the inside and not the outside, so Du Haiqing didn’t recognize the two of them.

She walked to the door and asked, “Who are you two looking for?”

The old lady An outside the door looked at Du Haiqing, smiled slightly, and asked her, “May I ask, are you Ms. Du Haiqing?”

Du Haiqing saw that the other party could call her own name, so she quickly said modestly: “Auntie, you are too polite. I am Du Haiqing, may I ask who you are?”

Old lady An said with a smile: “I…I am Ye Changying’s mother-in-law, An Chengqi’s mother, Weng Huiyin.”

As she spoke, she pointed to An Chongqiu next to her, and introduced: “This is my eldest son and also Cheng Qi’s younger brother, An Chongqiu.”

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