The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5500

Seeing that the old lady was in a low mood, Du Haiqing comforted her apologetically, “Auntie, I have just lived here not too long ago. I don’t know whether Ye Chen has been here for so many years before I moved in, so you don’t have to worry too much about it.” Too pessimistic.”

The old lady nodded lightly, and sighed: “I don’t doubt that Chen’er is still alive, but I can find too few clues related to Chen’er now, and if one of these clues is broken, one will be missing…”

Du Haiqing smiled and said: “Auntie, maybe it’s just not the time for you to meet him yet, when the time is right, even if he is far away, he will come to meet you.”

The old lady smiled wryly: “I believe what you said, I’m just afraid that I will not be able to wait for that day when I am old.”

Seeing that the old lady was extremely melancholy, Du Haiqing couldn’t help feeling a little distressed.

Jinling, for the old lady, is definitely a sad place that she can’t bear to look back on.

The daughter and son-in-law died here, and the grandson disappeared here for 20 years.

If it were her, she might not even have the courage to come here.

However, at such an advanced age, the old lady came here without hesitation. Just for this alone, I am afraid that it will take a long time for psychological construction.

Thinking of this, Du Haiqing couldn’t help muttering to himself: “Ye Chen, your grandma came to Jinling at such an old age, no matter how big of a problem you have, you should at least give her a thought, right?”

However, Du Haiqing also knew that the difficulties and obstacles Ye Chen faced were far beyond what he could estimate. With Ye Chen’s character, he must have had his reasons for making such a cruel decision.

So, she quickly said to the old lady: “Auntie, since you have come to Jinling not far away, you might as well settle here temporarily and live for a while, even if you can’t find Ye Chen in the elf, it doesn’t matter, maybe Ye Chen will come back one day, and you can still meet him here.”

The reason why Du Haiqing suggested that the old lady stay in Jinling for a longer period of time was because she knew Ye Chen’s ability. Although the old lady was old, as long as she was in Jinling, Ye Chen would definitely be able to protect her in various ways.

Du Haiqing’s words also corresponded to what the old lady was thinking. She nodded slightly and said seriously: “I have no plans to go back after coming to Jinling this time. In other words, if I don’t wait for Chen’er to come back, I will Stay in Jinling and never leave.”

Hearing this, Du Haiqing felt relieved, and said with a smile: “Auntie, you should stay in Jinling for a long time. You can come here whenever and wherever you want. If there is anything in Jinling that needs my help, I will definitely do my best. go.”

The old lady said gratefully: “Thank you so much, Hai Qing!”

When the old lady was a guest at Du Haiqing’s home, Ye Chen was still at the Champs Elysees Hot Spring Hotel, silently following the progress of Hong Changqing’s teaching.

The oral liquid that was canned in the villa in the middle of the mountain before is still stored in the villa. Ye Chen plans to wait a few more days, and wait for Nanako, Qin Aoxue, Chen Zekai, and Hong Wu to successfully enter the gate of martial arts before taking the oral liquid. Distribute it to everyone, so that everyone can experience the feeling of rapid growth in cultivation.

After staying in the Champs Elysees for a whole morning, Hong Changqing didn’t stop the morning lecture until 11:30 noon, and said loudly to everyone: “Everyone, this morning’s lecture is over, everyone is free to eat and rest, we will be on time at 1:30 Begin the afternoon classes.”

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