The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5501

Everyone stood up from the futon, bowed to Hong Changqing and thanked Hong Changqing, and then walked out while relaxing their muscles and bones.

Nanako Ito didn’t leave in a hurry, but asked Qin Aoxue excitedly: “Aoxue, have you mastered the mystery of inner peeping?”

Qin Aoxue scratched her head: “There seems to be… and there seems to be no… It feels like the bottom of a very deep pond. When I dive down, I can’t go any further when I’m almost at the bottom. It’s really annoying… ”

After all, she asked Nanako: “Nanako, you look so excited, do you have mastered it?!”

Nanako nodded heavily, and exclaimed in a low voice: “I seem to have found the mystery of introspection, just like the diving you just mentioned, I couldn’t dive at the beginning, because the closer I was to the bottom, the more repulsive the water The bigger it gets, the forces everywhere push me to the surface…”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Qin Aoxue said hastily, “It’s the feeling that I can’t survive life and death! I’m almost going crazy from being tortured, how did you survive?”

Nanako said very seriously: “At the beginning, I tried my best to dive down forcibly, but I didn’t succeed even once. Later, I calmed down and assumed in my mind that my spiritual consciousness had come out of my body. Immediately go back to the water, but up, to the highest point!”

Qin Aoxue exclaimed: “Go to the highest place?!”

“Yes!” Nanako said decisively and excitedly, “It’s to go to the highest point! It’s like climbing all the way to the Baizhang cliff above the lake, and then stepping on the edge of the steep cliff with your heels, allowing the divine consciousness to open its arms and concentrate on nothing else. Jump off the cliff!”

As she said that, Nanako continued with a trembling voice: “I don’t care about the feeling of falling faster and faster, and the wind roaring in my ears, I just want to complete this leap! That feeling is like a needle falling from the sky and piercing into the water, without the feeling of all resistance before! In a flash, the flowers are bright and the light is bright!”

“Ah?” Qin Aoxue was dumbfounded, and blurted out, “Nanako…you…you really can get out of your body?”

In fact, not only Qin Aoxue was horrified, but even Ye Chen was shocked.

Even if he has mastered the “Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures”, he has never heard of this method of practicing martial arts. It sounds extremely mysterious and shocking at the same time!

“No…” Nanako explained: “It’s not really that the consciousness is out of the body, but to calm down, let your mind, put aside your body as much as possible, and pretend that you have the consciousness out of your body.”

Qin Aoxue asked puzzledly: “Can this also be imagined?”

“Yes!” Nanako said firmly, “It’s like peeping inside. I always didn’t understand it at first. The word peeping means seeing. People only have one pair of eyes, and they can only see the world outside the body.” , how can we do inner peeping and see the meridians and dantian in the body? However, this morning, I suddenly figured out a truth. , Assuming that consciousness has left the brain, eyes, ears, mouth and nose, and dived into my body like diving into the bottom of the water, when I really find that method, the whole person will feel completely different!”

Qin Aoxue was stunned, clenched her fists after a while, and said excitedly, “I’ll try your method too!”

At this time, Hong Changqing paced up to the two of them, and said to Nanako: “Ms. Hong observed it just now. It seems that Ms. Ito has really realized the internal observation, and also mastered the complete operation of the true energy. Such a fast speed, really It is the only one Hong has seen in his life, congratulations!”

Nanako said respectfully: “It’s all Hong Tianshi, you taught me well!”

Hong Changqing waved his hand, and said seriously: “Miss Ito is indeed extremely talented! Not only has she mastered the way of internal observation in such a short period of time, even the three meridians in your body are almost in a state of complete opening, but you If you don’t know how to operate your true qi, opening up your meridians is like a highway without vehicles, and it can’t play a real role. However, since you have been able to operate your true qi now, I believe that Miss Ito will be able to use this in a few days. The three meridians are really used, and you become a three-star martial artist! Such a fast speed is really amazing, and in time, Miss Ito will definitely become a top martial arts master!”

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