The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5511

This simple family banquet of the Ito family completely changed the direction of the future development of the Ito family.

Nanako Ito decided that from this moment on, she would go all out to climb the peak of martial arts, while Yuhiko Ito decided to start looking for a suitable professional manager immediately, handing over the Ito family to a team of professional managers to be in charge of the operation, as for himself, behind the scenes Control the development direction of the Ito family and ensure that professional managers will not lead the Ito family downhill.

In this way, Nanako Ito no longer has to be distracted by the business of the Ito family.

This father and daughter are full of longing for the future.

And Nanako Ito also understood a truth.

In the future, it doesn’t really matter whether I can achieve a positive result with Ye Chen.

What’s important is that as long as he practices martial arts hard, he can always be by Ye Chen’s side for a long, long time in the future.

the next day.

An Qishan in Wanliu Villa didn’t wake up until after eight o’clock.

He slept very soundly yesterday and today, almost like he has never slept in the past twenty years.

And the wife on the other side, after visiting Du Haiqing yesterday, went to many places in Jinling to search for clues, and his body was a little tired, so he was still sleeping soundly at this time, while he was sitting alone on the desk in front of the window, and began to use paper. The pen is writing something.

An hour later, the old lady woke up. After this night, her body was the same as when she woke up yesterday. She felt very relaxed and comfortable, and even her breathing became much smoother than before.

When she saw the old man writing something at the desk, she walked up to him and asked him, “Qishan, what are you writing?”

An Qishan turned around and said to the old lady, “Write down what I can remember about yesterday.”

As soon as the old lady heard this, she immediately asked nervously: “How about it, what do you remember?”

An Qishan said seriously: “I seem to remember everything.”

“Remember?” The old lady asked in surprise: “Do you remember the whole day? Do you remember the morning?”

An Qishan nodded and said: “When I woke up yesterday, you asked me how I was resting, and I said that I hadn’t slept so well in many years, and then said that maybe I was a little tired from the flight the day before, and you were very tired at that time.” Surprised, asked me what I still remember…”

The old lady asked excitedly: “What’s next? Do you remember what happened next?”

“I remember.” An Qishan said again: “Then you took me to see Chongqiu and Yalin, and you even suggested that I try to remember everything. I will replay it today to see how much I can remember…”

After speaking, An Qishan said again: “Then I remember everyone was discussing whether it was the environment of Wanliu Villa that improved me, or the metaphysics of this villa played a role…”

“My God…” The old lady said dumbfounded, “It sounds like you remember everything…”

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