The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5512

An Qishan nodded, and said seriously: “I didn’t feel any fault, but I don’t have much impression of what happened a while ago…”

The old lady was a little incoherent with excitement, and she kept muttering: “Great! It’s really great! Not only did your condition not continue to deteriorate, but it has improved greatly. Your memory of yesterday is clearer than mine, isn’t it?” At least, as for your previous memory, I believe you will be able to get it back slowly, even if you can’t get it back, it doesn’t matter, we can help you slowly restore it, your current memory has been greatly improved, as long as we help you If you replay, you will definitely remember it!”

As she spoke, she hurriedly said, “Go! Let’s go downstairs quickly and tell Chongqiu and the others the good news!”

At this time, in the restaurant on the first floor, An Chongqiu said to Li Yalin while eating: “Yalin, yesterday’s video has been edited and synthesized according to the normal time. How much do you think the old man can remember from yesterday?”

Li Yalin said with a smile: “I think it’s at least a little concrete, the old man should be able to remember it!”

Li Yalin had great trust in Ye Chen. Thinking about it, Ye Chen must have tampered with this house.

At the same time, Ye Chen also drove to Aunt Li’s house as scheduled, preparing to accompany Claudia to report to Jinling University.

At this time, Claudia has prepared her certificate and admission letter, and is ready to go to Jinling University.

Facing the upcoming college life, although Claudia was calm on the surface, she inevitably had some expectations in her heart.

After all, college life is a dream that most young people have been looking forward to for many years since they were teenagers.

At the same time, Lin Wan’er from Zijin Villa is also full of expectations.

However, what she was looking forward to was not college life at all, what she was looking forward to was the moment when she met Ye Chen.

For this moment to come, Lin Wan’er has prepared for a long time and rehearsed in her heart for a long time.

She also prepared her own documents and admission notice, and asked Sister Xian to drive her to the parking lot of a shopping mall near Jinling University early to wait.

It is about ten minutes’ drive from Jinling University. Lin Wan’er’s plan is that as long as Claudia arrives at the school to complete the registration, she will let sister Xian drive there.

She has already learned about the registration process in advance. Regardless of any major, freshmen must first complete the registration. After checking the information, the school will register for the students, apply for a student card and a campus card, and at the same time send the new students to the school. Inform the new students of their class information, including the class number, classroom address, and the name of the instructor.

In addition, the school will also inform the freshmen of the dormitory building number and give the dormitory keys to the freshmen, and then the freshmen can go to their dormitories to pack their own beds.

Considering that Ye Chen will be very, very shocked when he sees him, and it is even very likely that he will have to find a way to determine whether he really remembers him on the spot. When Claudia finished the registration process and went to the dormitory, she went to register again.

In this way, he could avoid meeting Ye Chen in public, and set the place where he and Ye Chen would meet again in the relatively private environment of the dormitory.

However, Lin Wan’er was not sure whether Ye Chen would show up today.

But according to Lin Wan’er’s speculation, if Ye Chen accompanied Claudia to report for duty, then he would most likely accompany Claudia to the dormitory, and the freshmen entered the school, and the girls’ dormitory has not yet started moving in, so male parents will definitely not be rejected And the accompanying staff, when he arrived at the dormitory one step later than Claudia, Ye Chen should be there.

If Ye Chen doesn’t accompany Claudia to report to school today, Lin Wan’er is not worried.

After all, she had already greeted the school in advance and arranged herself and Lin Wan’er in the same dormitory. Even if she couldn’t see Ye Chen today, she could build a good relationship with Claudia and find an opportunity to meet Ye Chen !

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