The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5513

Although there were a lot of students who came to report today, Claudia’s appearance still caused quite a commotion and commotion.

Claudia is not only beautiful and has a good figure, but also has an exotic mixed-race face. Wherever she goes, many people are paying attention to her. When a beauty of this level appears, it is difficult for these people to come here. For the freshmen who reported, and the old students who were in charge of welcoming the new students, almost all of them were at the level of Wang Zha.

Many boys even thought that this girl, who was also a freshman, might become a new candidate for Jinling University’s school belle.

Claudia did not expect that she would attract so much attention when she just arrived at Jinling University. However, on the one hand, Claudia was not interested in the boys around her who were watching her obsessively, nor on the other hand. You will feel some special pressure.

Compared with her peers, her experience is much richer and more tragic. The pain of the death of her relatives and her past of bearing humiliation for revenge, and even the experience of slaying her enemy at the end, destined her to be different from these eighteen and nine-year-old young people. Man, not on the same channel at all.

In her opinion, these young boys who can’t control their eyes and manage their expressions because of the girls’ looks are almost all immature children.

Since Claudia is an international student, the registration process is all completed in the special window for international students, so it only took ten minutes to complete all the registration work.

Afterwards, the staff in charge of registration handed a set of access control cards and keys to Claudia, and said to her at the same time: “Student, your dormitory is in bed 01, 301, girls’ building, international student building. The room is a double room. , all the bedding has been placed in the dormitory in advance, you can go over and tidy up first, and you can check in directly with the dormitory manager today.”

Claudia took the key, nodded and thanked, and then went to the foreign student dormitory building with Ye Chen and the others.

At this time, Lin Wan’er happened to be stuck in time, and accompanied by Sister Xian, she drove to Jinling University by car.

Today, she has changed from the traditional national style of the past, wearing an oversized American sports T-shirt, paired with a pair of slimming sports pants and a pair of the latest Nike Jordan sneakers, and the waterfall-like shawl and long hair Also tied into a ponytail by her, the whole person looks extraordinarily youthful and beautiful.

The boys of Jinling University were very excited about the arrival of Claudia. Unexpectedly, before the excitement passed, another girl who was even more outstanding was ushered in.

Lin Wan’er’s face all represent the highest standard of oriental men’s aesthetics for oriental women. For most boys, she is definitely a goddess-level existence. Therefore, when she appeared in Jinling University, it instantly triggered a bigger sensation.

All of a sudden, two stunning beauties appeared, and the boys from Jinling University almost clapped their crowns and hugged each other to celebrate.

Lin Wan’er also noticed the attention these boys paid to her. Like Claudia, she didn’t pay attention to the wonder and gaze of these boys at all. All she could think about now was her coming to Jinling University this time. Decide, right or wrong.

In the past, she kept hiding in order not to let Po Qinghui find her, even if she went out, she would disguise herself very well, but now, she is ostentatious in front of thousands of people, pretending to be nonchalant, This is a great test for her psychology.

And Lin Wan’er had carefully considered this issue before coming here. Coming to Jinling University will inevitably increase her exposure. The more exposure she has, the greater the possibility of exposure in theory.

However, the ancients often said that the great hidden in the city.

Sometimes, it’s the opposite that works wonders.

Without Ye Chen’s help, he would not have the ability to seek revenge from Po Qinghui, so in order to get close to Ye Chen, he could only take a risk.

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