The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5517

It’s just that she has already rehearsed this startling action countless times.

At this time, she exclaimed at a very opportune time, turned around to look at Ye Chen, extremely nervous, and asked extremely vigilantly: “You… who are you?!”

Ye Chen sneered, and asked her: “It’s a little too fake to ask me who I am after chasing me here?”

Lin Wan’er showed even more panic, she couldn’t help taking a step back, and said nervously: “You… who are you… how do you know the three words Lin Wan’er…”

Ye Chen snorted and said with a smile: “What? Are you still pretending? Come, let me show you something!”

As he spoke, he took out the ring that started jumping again from his pocket.

And Lin Wan’er also cooperated very well to make an even more surprised expression, and blurted out: “Why do you have this ring?! Return it to me!”

Afterwards, she rushed up fiercely, trying to take the key away from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen frowned. Judging from Lin Wan’er’s performance, it seemed that this girl really didn’t remember herself, nor did she remember that she met her, she didn’t remember that she had saved her, and she didn’t remember that she gave the ring to her on her own initiative. own.

However, Ye Chen didn’t dare to jump to conclusions, so he held up the ring high, and said coldly: “You gave me this ring with your own hands, do you want to admit it or can’t remember?”

“Impossible!” Lin Wan’er blurted out in a very angry tone: “This ring is a relic left to me by my father! I have always regarded it as a treasure, and it is absolutely impossible to give it to you! You must have stolen it from me It! Tell me! Are you a person who broke the Qing Dynasty!”

When Ye Chen heard her speak and directly mentioned the three words Po Qinghui, he was even more puzzled.

He also couldn’t figure out whether the girl’s series of behaviors were fake or real.

So, he injected a ray of spiritual energy into Lin Wan’er’s brain again, and this time he used much more spiritual energy than usual!

Lin Wan’er felt a burst of spiritual energy entering the spiritual sea, but her thinking was not affected by this spiritual energy at all, but she still cooperated very well and calmed down, looking at Ye Chen with empty eyes.

Ye Chen felt that since he had used more aura this time, he should be safe, so he asked, “Do you still remember who I am?”

Lin Wan’er shook her head.

Ye Chen asked again: “Haven’t you seen me?”

Lin Wan’er murmured, “I haven’t seen it before.”

Ye Chen asked again: “Do you still remember the time when you were almost killed in Northern Europe?”

Lin Wan’er nodded: “I remember part of it.”

Ye Chen said: “Tell me and listen!”

Lin Wan’er was very cooperative and said: “I only remember the things in Northern Europe. I packed my things and prepared to leave, but then my memory was lost. I don’t know why I fell into a coma. When I woke up, most of the people around me were shocked. Killed, the ring my father gave me. It’s gone too.”

Ye Chen asked again: “You know that Po Qing will be chasing you, why do you come to Jinling to study in university openly?”

Lin Wan’er said with a dull expression: “It’s not an option to hide all the time. They thought I would hide again, and the more people there were, the more remote they became, so I would go to places with the most people and change my identity. It was even more unexpected, that’s why I chose to come to Huaxia.”

Ye Chen frowned, and asked again: “Why did you choose to come to Jinling? Why Jinling University?”

Lin Wan’er remained calm and replied one by one: “The reason for coming to Jinling is because my grandfather has some connections in Jinling and can help me arrange to enter Jinling University.”

“Your grandfather?” Ye Chen asked again: “Who is your grandfather?”

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