The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5522

Ye Chen knew that Liu Manqiong was here, and he couldn’t continue to test Lin Wan’er, so he said, “Then it’s settled, you two talk first, and I’m leaving.”

After bidding farewell to Liu Manqiong, the first thing Ye Chen did when he left the dormitory was to call Chen Zekai.

Although Chen Zekai was still in the Champs-Elysees Hot Spring at this time, worrying about how to realize the internal peep, but when he received Ye Chen’s call, he immediately retreated from the training ground calmly, and went to an empty room before answering. On the phone, he said respectfully, “Master!”

Ye Chen got straight to the point, and said, “Old Chen, help me check the entry records of a rich man from Malaysia, Qiu Yingshan. After checking, check the information of all the people who entered the country with him.”

Chen Zekai immediately said: “Good young master, just wait a moment, I’ll let someone check it out.”

A few minutes later, Chen Zekai sent a form to Ye Chen.

In it, there is the time when Qiu Yingshan entered the country, as well as the information of all the people who came to Jinling from Malaysia with him and went through the entry formalities.

Among them, there is the name Lin Xiaowan.

Moreover, they have been in the country for some time.

It seems that Lin Wan’er did not lie to herself, she indeed came to Jinling with Qiu Yingshan.

Moreover, Qiu Yingshan already had an industry and foundation in Jinling, and Jinling University had indeed received his favor. Lin Waner thought that she would live in seclusion in the city, and it was completely logical for Qiu Yingshan to arrange her to Jinling University.

This made Ye Chen feel even more that Lin Wan’er shouldn’t have lied.

What’s more, when he gave Lin Waner a psychological hint today, he used more aura. Ye Chen is confident that with such a powerful aura, Lin Waner, who has no aura at all, will never have any chance to escape his own psychology. hint.

So far, Ye Chen’s doubts about Lin Wan’er have basically dispelled eight or nine out of ten.

However, even though Ye Chen believed that Lin Wan’er didn’t know his true identity, he kept frowning.

Although he basically believed that Lin Wan’er’s appearance in Jinling was just a coincidence, he was still faintly worried.

The last time Ye Chen saw Lin Wan’er, the Po Qinghui was hunting her down.

Now that she has come to Jinling, if the Poqing Society gets any clues related to her, then they will definitely learn from the experience and lessons from last time, and send the most powerful experts to Jinling to catch her;

Moreover, his grandparents have also arrived in Jinling. Like Lin Wan’er, their family is also an important target of the Qing Dynasty.

If you look at it this way, the two major goals of the Poqing Council are in Jinling, then the probability of the Poqing Council touching Jinling will be greatly increased.

Considering that the current meeting of the Qing Dynasty, almost all of them have been silent, and only three earls are still outside, Ye Chen is worried that some earl of the Qing Dynasty will come to Jinling next time.

In Cyprus, I could let the Wanpo Army ambush the near-defense guns in advance, but in Jinling, I didn’t have the ability or the opportunity.

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