The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5523

If the earl who broke the Qing Dynasty really came to Jinling, if the other party was only for Lin Wan’er and it was easy to say, if the other party also wanted to harm my grandparents and grandma’s family, then it is still unknown whether I can have the strength to keep them safe.

Moreover, what was even worse was that I was in Jinling, and it was difficult to set up an early warning system. If the other party really came to Jinling, it would be difficult for me to know in advance before the other party sold it.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s mood became extremely heavy.

Ye Chen had a dull meal for lunch.

After dinner, after sending Claudia, Li Xiaofen and Aunt Li home, he drove the car to the riverside, found a parking space and parked the car, and sat by the riverside all afternoon.

Seeing Lin Wan’er today gave Ye Chen an unprecedented sense of urgency.

It was a feeling of an imminent enemy.

But he still hasn’t found a way to deal with it.

Six pm.

Ye Chen drove to Jinling University.

Although Liu Manqiong came to the school by car, she left the car directly at the school. Before leaving the school, she put on a special make-up.

After the two met, Liu Manqiong was somewhat cautious because of the sudden exposure today.

Ye Chen asked her: “Miss Manqiong, what would you like to eat tonight?”

Liu Manqiong said: “Eat whatever you want, light ones are best. After coming to Jinling, eating has always been heavy and salty, so I’m not used to it…”

Ye Chen thought for a while, and said casually: “If you want to eat something lighter, why don’t you eat Hong Kong style?”

“Farewell.” Liu Manqiong said with a wry smile, “I have tried all the Hong Kong-style restaurants in Jinling, but they are still not authentic.”

Ye Chen said with a smile: “This is the disadvantage of Chinese food. It is difficult to guarantee the taste. Those who can unify the taste are basically cooking bags and pre-made dishes.”

Thinking of this, he said, “Why don’t you just eat Japanese food, as long as the ingredients are fresh, the taste should not be too different.”

Liu Manqiong said without thinking: “Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

So Ye Chen drove Liu Manqiong to the entrance of a Japanese grocery store.

When he opened the door and entered, the bell hanging on the door vibrated and made a crisp tinkling sound, which made Ye Chen stunned on the spot.

Facing the current situation, a solution suddenly appeared in his heart…

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