The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5529

When Ye Chen started to plan ahead, other An family members including Ye Chen’s second uncle, uncle and aunt had also arrived at Wanliu Villa one after another.

Ever since the An’s family started taking video records for the old man An Qishan every day, they discovered that the old man’s memory had changed immediately after he came to Jinling and lived in Wanliu Villa.

In the past, the old man’s memory has been continuously deteriorating. He must not be able to remember what happened recently, even what happened before going to bed, after waking up.

However, in the past few days since he lived in Wanliu Villa, the old man can remember almost everything he personally experienced. After comparing it with the content recorded in the video, he found that the old man was able to remember what happened yesterday. Eight out of ten, nine.

This change made An’s family ecstatic.

Moreover, all the people lived in the villa located in the center, and after they lived in, they all felt refreshed and comfortable, which made them firmly believe that this place is a real piece of land. Fengshui treasure land.

In the past two days, the An family has begun to spread the scope of investigation in Jinling one after another. Their efficiency is very high, and they have penetrated into the civil affairs system, welfare assistance system, and medical records of major hospitals. No information related to Ye Chen was found.

The An family had expected that things would not go too smoothly, so they were not discouraged. Just when Zhang Ermao got Ye Chen’s instructions and started to make the three magical artifacts old, the old couple of the An family called a few children together, He called Li Yalin again, and we had a meeting together.

Because the memories of the past few days are very complete, the scheming An Qishan gradually found the rhythm of the master. After analyzing the current situation, he temporarily set the next plan in two directions.

One, An Kaifeng led the others to continue the carpet-like search in Jinling, looking for any clues that might be related to Ye Chen;

The other is to ask An Chongqiu to get in touch with Song Wanting to see if he can find out the information about the owner of the Huichun Pill.

After all, in the eyes of the An family, the owner of Huichun Pill is most likely the same person as the benefactor who saved An’s family in the United States that day. Ask benefactor to help find Ye Chen’s whereabouts.

An Chongqiu didn’t dare to delay, and immediately got in touch with people from the Song Group, and after announcing his identity, he made a request to visit Song Wanting.

The last time An Chongqiu came to visit Song Wanting, he reported the false identity of Huo Yuanzheng.

Therefore, Song Wanting’s assistant never dreamed that the famous American Anjia would take the initiative to contact the Song Group, and the eldest son of the An family wanted to visit Song Wanting in person.

This feeling is no different from an IT start-up company with 30 or 40 people who suddenly received a request from Bill Gates to visit.

The excited assistant ran into the conference room regardless of Song Wanting’s meeting with the supplier, and excitedly said in Song Wanting’s ear: “Mr. Song… American Anjia wants to make an appointment with you to visit the group in person!”

“Anjia?” Song Wanting couldn’t help frowning.

If other entrepreneurs in Jinling heard that An’s family came to visit, they would be ecstatic, but Song Wanting unconsciously became worried.

She had received a reminder from Ye Chen a long time ago, knowing that the An family was looking for clues to Ye Chen in Jinling. Which one of these two will eventually point to Ye Chen.

So, she said to the assistant: “Don’t rush to reply to this matter, let’s talk about it after I’m done.”

The assistant didn’t know, so he quickly reminded: “Mr. Song, that’s from the An family…”

“I know.” Song Wanting nodded, and said lightly, “Then I’ll talk about it when I’m done.”

The assistant had no choice but to say respectfully: “Okay Mr. Song, then I won’t reply to them and wait for your message.”

Song Wanting waved her hand and instructed: “You tell them the exact words, just say that I’m busy now, and let them wait for news from me.”

“Uh…okay…” The assistant didn’t know why Song Wanting, who had always been very low-key, didn’t give An’s face so much, so she had to follow her request and returned the original words to An Chongqiu.

An Chongqiu had visited Song Wanting long after the Huichun Pill auction was over, but that time, Song Wanting did not disclose any information related to Huichun Pill to him.

However, in An Chongqiu’s view, today is not what it used to be.

At the beginning, I was all thinking about Huichun Pill, but in the end, Huichun Pill was not photographed, and I even touched the owner of Huichun Pill. However, after the mysterious benefactor rescued the entire An family in New York, An Chongqiu felt that Ruo Engong and Huichun Pill If the owner is really the same person, then maybe he will change his attitude towards Anjia because of what happened in New York.

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