The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5534

But Song Wanting didn’t know that Ye Chen had planned to suspend the Huichun Pill auction before. However, for Ye Chen, the suspension of the Huichun Pill auction was only a temporary low-key due to the potential threat of breaking the Qing Dynasty. Afterwards, the Huichundan Auction can also be held in a low-key manner through an internal invitation mechanism, and once the hidden danger of breaking the Qing Dynasty is eradicated, Ye Chen will definitely continue to make the Huichundan Auction bigger and stronger.

Therefore, in the future, Jinling will definitely be able to achieve rapid development through Huichun Dan.

Anjia entered the market at this time and increased investment in Jinling, and he will definitely get rich returns in the future.

At this moment, Song Wanting couldn’t help but admire the An family’s vision and their foresight.

Eight billion U.S. dollars seems like a lot, and it seems that he has really given himself a great favor, but the real beneficiary behind this incident, or the biggest beneficiary, is actually An Jia himself.

At this time, An Chongqiu said to Song Wanting again: “Miss Song, if you are interested, we should further strengthen our cooperation.”

Song Wanting asked curiously: “What does Mr. An mean by strengthening cooperation?”

An Chongqiu said: “The two of us can jointly invest to establish a real estate company specializing in health care projects, acquire more land in the suburbs of Jinling, and gradually build some high-end health care projects. Once the reputation of Huichun Dan spreads far and wide, Jinling The popularity of Jinling will also rise with the tide. At that time, even if many people know that they have no chance with Huichun Pill, they will definitely equate Jinling with health preservation. All kinds of incentives will definitely make the ordinary rich and middle class flock to Jinling.”

“Moreover, I have also heard about Jinling’s Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical. Although this company does not have many types of samples, all of them are explosive products with excellent medicinal effects. Jinling has this pharmaceutical company, and it will be used in medical and health care in the future. The popularity in the field will definitely help a lot.”

Song Wanting didn’t expect An Chongqiu to pay attention to Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical, and she couldn’t help being a little surprised.

She asked An Chongqiu: “Mr. An also knows Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical?”

An Chongqiu nodded without concealing it, and said directly: “I heard that Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical released a kind of anti-cancer drug called Jiuxuan Zaizao Pills, and it gave FDA a batch of drugs for clinical trials. It is said that because of its excellent curative effect, it has been used as a strategic reserve by the White House.”

As he said that, An Chongqiu looked at Song Wanting, and said with deep meaning: “Miss Song, to tell you the truth, I personally even speculate that this pharmaceutical company must have something to do with Engong, maybe its formula is Engong’s. which provided.”

Song Wanting was even more surprised at the moment. She didn’t want to reveal more information about Ye Chen, so she said, “I really don’t know the situation of Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical.”

Although Song Wanting tried her best to control her facial expression and try not to be seen by An Chongqiu when she said this sentence, An Chongqiu still saw some clues from her face.

He accurately captured the subtle unnaturalness in Song Wanting’s expression, so he concluded in his heart that Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical must have something to do with En Gong.

After getting the answer he wanted, An Chongqiu did not continue to expand on the issue of Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical, but said with a smile: “Miss Song, with the popularity of the An family, if the An family comes forward to do this matter, this matter It has already become more than half, and if the Song Group joins forces again, it will definitely be able to take an advantage in the Jinling health care field, not only will it be profitable in the future, but there will also be countless other benefits.”

As he said that, An Chongqiu said again: “Health care projects have already been very developed in Europe and the United States, but China has just started not long ago. Although there is a large market space, it has not been taken seriously at present. Many companies that make quick money , I don’t really like to operate such long-term projects with high investment, heavy responsibility, and long cycle. These are not attractive to companies that are used to making quick money. If we can manage this business well, making money is one aspect , In addition, it is easy to enhance social recognition, and it is also of great help to the social impact of the enterprise, which can be said to serve multiple purposes.”

Song Wanting recognized An Chongqiu’s judgment very much. As the auctioneer of the Rejuvenation Pill Auction, she knew very well how much the top rich people wanted the Rejuvenation Pill. As long as the Rejuvenation Pill auction continued, An Chongqiu’s prediction It will definitely be confirmed step by step.

Once Jinling really secures the top spot in global health care worldwide, the commercial interests behind it will be enormous.

Once Jinling develops vigorously, it will inevitably form a huge outlet, and the capital that can stand on this outlet will get huge benefits.

At this moment, An Chongqiu said again: “By the way, Anjia’s capital reserves are very abundant. We can reserve as much land resources as possible from the very beginning. In the future, when Jinling can really rely on health care to become a first-tier city , The land value of these reserves can be doubled. As for the cooperation between us, as long as Ms. Song is willing to join forces with Anjia, Anjia can give 10% of the shares to Song Group from this project. This 10%, this, It’s the heart of An’s family.”

“If Ms. Song still wants to take a larger proportion, the portion exceeding 10% can be subscribed normally, and the An family can sell up to 49% of the shares to the Song Group!”

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