The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5539

At this time, the smell of blood and fishy smell has faded a lot. According to Zhang Ermao’s previous experience of disposing of antiques, this smell is very close to the smell of jade wares newly produced in Shengkeng.

The things that come out of the pit, especially the items that are buried next to the body, such as jade, will have this faint stench no matter how they are cleaned after being dug out of the ground for a period of time. A year later, there will still be a faint residue. Ordinary people may not be able to smell anything, but people like Zhang Ermao who often deal with antiques can tell the difference as long as they smell it with their noses.

The two pieces of jade were originally old things. Now that they have this kind of smell, people who are knowledgeable will almost conclude that these things came from the pit.

After confirming that the things were all right, Zhang Ermao hurriedly drove back to the city and went straight to the Antique Street.

In the antique industry in Jinling, the business rule of working at sunrise and resting at sunset is still maintained. According to insiders, you can’t do antique business when it’s dark, because you’re afraid that it will be dark. Second, I am afraid that I will be robbed in the dark.

Therefore, merchants and stall owners in Antique Street basically start their business at dawn and close their stalls before dark.

Today coincided with Saturday, so when Zhang Ermao arrived at the antique street, the antique street was already as bustling as a vegetable market in the early morning.

Zhang Ermao is already an old man in Antique Street. After following Hong Wu some time ago, he left here and never came back. So when he suddenly appeared, many people recognized him and greeted him warmly: ” Brother Ermao, why do you have time to come back and take a look today?”

“That’s right, Brother Ermao, you are now a popular person beside Hong Wuye, why do you still have time to come and see us poor brothers?”

Zhang Ermao thought to himself: “When I was swindled in Antique Street, none of you looked down on me. Whoever yelled at me and talked about Zhang Ermao all day long? Now I follow Hong Wu Lord, all of you have started calling me Brother Ermao.”

Thinking of this, Zhang Ermao sneered twice, and said to the crowd who came up: “To tell you the truth, I am not with Hong Wuye anymore.”

“What?” The man who warmly called him Brother Ermao just now asked immediately, “Zhang Ermao, you are doing well with Hong Wuye, why did you suddenly say that you don’t want to follow?”

“That’s right.” The other man said, “I said Zhang Ermao, if you eat and drink spicy food with Mr. Hong, isn’t it much better than messing around with these things in the Antique Street?”

A woman selling fake copper coins said with a smile, “Zhang Ermao, you must have made some mistake and you were kicked out by Mr. Hong, right?”

Zhang Ermao waved his hand and said casually: “Don’t mention these things, I’m going to come back and set up my stall again.”

As he said that, he looked at the man who greeted him first, and said, “Zhao Laosi, after you know I’m gone, I’ll lend you my original stall for free. Look, now that I’m back, you still give me my money.” Give me that position back.”

The man called Zhao Laosi immediately waved his hand and said, “Hey, don’t, Zhang Ermao, when you left, you agreed that you would not come back to this antique street, so let me use this stall, this man Man, one spittle and one nail, you can’t go back on what you say.”

Zhang Ermao said with a sneer: “Fourth, you think I’m a tiger in Pingyang, don’t you? I might as well tell you that I left from Hong Wuye. It wasn’t Hong Wuye who drove me away, but Zhang Ermao himself.” Gotta go.”

“Blow it and you will.” Zhao Laosi curled his lips and said, “We have known each other for so many years, don’t I know you yet? When you left the stall and went to meet Mr. Hong, I don’t know how excited and excited you were. Now you say that you left Hong Wuye voluntarily, why do I not believe it?”

Zhang Ermao smiled and said: “To tell you the truth, Mr. Zhao, I used to be a good buddy who made a fortune in antiques, and now he has turned into a well-known Hong Kong businessman. Now he asks me to cooperate with him in antiques. The kind of antiques I’m talking about It’s not the kind of small business we used to do, but selling antiques to those Hong Kong bosses who are worth tens of billions, maybe they can earn tens of millions of them for a single order, and save them for two years. I’ll retire with a small goal, isn’t that better than fighting with Master Hong?”

When they heard this, their eyes widened.

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