The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5543

Xiao Changkun frowned: “What’s the matter? Was it abducted by a full-time job?”

Zhang Ermao said with a sneer: “Hey…you can also understand it this way…”

Xiao Changkun said solemnly: “Ermao, I didn’t say you, you love what you do. You have to have professional ethics when you do this.”

Zhang Ermao nodded: “Aren’t I planning to earn some money first? After earning money later, it’s not too late to improve professional ethics. How did people say it? Get on the bus first and then buy the ticket…”

Xiao Changkun curled his lips in disdain, looked at Zhang Ermao’s booth, shook his head, and said, “Oh, you’re getting worse and worse, as far as the fake products on your booth are concerned, I can see them all. Come out.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Zhang Ermao said courteously: “President Xiao, you must have a discerning eye. Good things can’t hide from your eyes, and fake things are the same.”

Xiao Changkun smiled, picked up the lightning strike wood in the middle of the booth, looked at it carefully, and said: “But this lightning strike wood does not seem to be fake, how much does it cost? I will take it if it is suitable, and keep it to avoid evil spirits.”

Zhang Ermao stretched out five fingers.

Xiao Changkun asked curiously: “Five hundred?”

Zhang Ermao laughed and said, “Wan…”

Xiao Changkun’s eyes widened, and he blurted out, “Fifty thousand?!”

Zhang Ermao shook his head: “It’s five million…”

“Fuck…” Xiao Changkun threw the thunder wood back to the booth, and cursed: “Zhang Ermao, are you poor and crazy? It’s just such a crap, you want me five million? Are you fucking using me as a two-color ball?”

Zhang Ermao said embarrassingly: “President Xiao, you have already said that what I am doing now is swindling and abducting. How can I cheat money if I don’t ask for a price…”

Xiao Changkun said angrily: “Then you can’t grab it…Chunchun has something serious in her head!”

After finishing speaking, he put his hands behind his back and walked away without looking back.

Looking at his boss-like back, Zhang Ermao sighed helplessly, and thought to himself: “Master Ye wants me to quote five million for this lightning strike wood. If my stall continues like this, people will scold me for a day.” A dozen or twenty times…”

at the same time.

On the outskirts of Yanjing City, Changyun Temple.

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