The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5544

As the Taoist temple with the longest history in the country, Changyun Temple can be regarded as a holy land of Taoism in the modern era.

The Taoist temple is full of incense, and all the disciples of Yanjing who believe in Taoism will often come here to make offerings.

Changyun Temple has a supervisor and an abbot, in addition to that, there are many disciples of different seniority, adding up to at least 300 people.

The abbot of Taoism has the same title as the abbot of Buddhism, but their functions are very different. The abbot of Buddhism is the one with the highest position and authority in the temple, and is in charge of the affairs of the temple, while the abbot of Taoism is mainly responsible for preaching scriptures. , more like the most senior professor in the Taoist temple, but the person who really has the highest management power in the Taoist temple is the supervisor.

Chang Shengbo, who was wearing a Taoist robe, looked up at the gate of Changyun Temple for a moment, and then walked into the gate of the temple.

The entire Changyun Temple is divided into front, middle and back courtyards, but only the front courtyard is open to believers and pilgrims. There are many temples here, especially the Sanqing Temple in the center, which is dedicated to the Taoist Sanqing Patriarch .

The middle and the last two courtyards are the internal areas of Changyun Temple, where the abbot and his disciples live and study Taoism.

Whether it’s Ye Chen, Chang Shengbo, or the mysterious hero, or the Meng Changsheng in the painting, they all master spiritual energy, and they all practice Taoist inheritance.

Therefore, the first thing Chang Shengbo did when he stepped into the Changyun Temple was to come to the Sanqing Hall, and after offering incense to the three supreme gods of the Taoist sect, he came to a little Taoist priest beside him and said: ” This fellow Taoist, I don’t know if you can let Pindao place an order and stay for a few days in your place?”

The little Taoist couldn’t help being surprised when he saw that Uncle Chang Sheng looked like a fairy, and he had the kind of immortal temperament that was only a few minutes away. Taoist? Do you have a certificate?”

According to the conventions within the religion, Taoist priests can stay in the local Taoist temple after leaving the gate of their own Taoist temple and coming to other places, but they need to verify the identity of the other Taoist priest to avoid being taken advantage of.

Hearing this, Chang Sheng Bo smiled and said, “I have been practicing overseas all these years, and I haven’t been to China for many years, and I don’t have any documents.”

The little Taoist said with some embarrassment: “Master Taoist, according to the regulations, if you want to place an order, you must have a legal certificate to prove that you are a Taoist priest. Otherwise, the younger generation will not be able to make the decision…”

Uncle Chang Sheng was not angry, he smiled lightly, and asked, “What is the name of your supervisor? What is the Taoist name?”

The little Taoist said with a respectful face: “Our supervisor’s Taoist name is Qingxu Sanren.”

“Qingxu?” Uncle Changsheng smiled slightly: “Could it be that little doll that Xuanjizi adopted back then?”

The little Taoist was shocked!

Prisoner Qingxu Sanren, who is over 70 years old this year, his life experience is very famous in domestic Taoist sects. He was abandoned outside the Changyun Guanmen when he was just born, and was adopted by the prisoner Xuanjizi. For ten years, he has been studying Taoism with Xuanjizi, and then took over the post of Supervisor. It can be said that he has dedicated his whole life to Taoism, and he is a true master of Taoism today.

Such an old master was called a little baby by Chang Shengbo. The little Taoist priest was naturally horrified. He couldn’t help asking Chang Shengbo: “This Taoist priest, do you know our prison?”

Chang Shengbo said indifferently: “Not only do I know him, I even hugged him when he was young.”

“Ah?!” The little Taoist was stunned for a moment!

He couldn’t help muttering: “Our Priest is over seventy years old, and you hugged him when he was young, so aren’t you at least over ninety years old? But I think you are only over sixty years old.” Looks like a year old…”

Chang Shengbo said with a smile: “I can’t tell you clearly, you can report to him and say that Daoist Changqing wants to see him.”

“Changqing Daoist…” The little Taoist murmured, although he had never heard of this Dao name, but seeing Chang Shengbo’s inscrutable appearance, he did not dare to neglect, so he said: “Please follow me to the living room, Daoist Priest. Go and report to Master, and then ask Master to report to the prison!”

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