The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5546

Then, by chance, he joined the Po Qinghui, and with the instruction and help of the hero, he mastered the aura.

Over the years, he has returned to Huaxia several times with different identities, but he has never been to Changyun Temple.

The reason why he didn’t come to Changyun Temple was because Chang Shengbo didn’t want the disciples and grandchildren of Changyun Temple to know that he had found the way of longevity.

In his opinion, he had gone through untold hardships before he finally entered the Tao. This kind of secret must not be known to anyone who knows him, including Chang Yun Guan.

But today, the reason why he chose to come to Changyun Temple was that he had not found Lin Wan’er’s whereabouts these days.

The Lord of England has been urging him to go to Jinling, but he has been procrastinating for three to five days, but he can’t wait three to five months. With the Lord of England’s temper, he will give himself an ultimatum in two or three days at most, so he must find some helpers. Help yourself find Lin Wan’er’s whereabouts within China.

And he has never supported his own power in the Po Qinghui in these years, so the only people who can use it now are the Taoist priests of Changyun Temple.

At this moment, seeing Qingxu Sanren looking at him expectantly, looking forward to his answer, Chang Shengbo smiled indifferently, and said to him: “Qingxu, this is not a place to talk, is the secret room in the backyard still there? If it’s still there, let’s move over there and talk in detail!”

Qingxu Sanren hurriedly said: “Still, still! Uncle Changqing, please follow me!”

The elderly Qingxu Sanren led the way diligently and brought Chang Shengbo to the underground secret room in the backyard.

Several of his other juniors also wanted to go together, but Uncle Changsheng played tricks at this moment.

He said to Qingxu Sanren: “Qingxu, what we want to talk about between you and me is of great importance. It’s prudent for us to talk first.”

Qingxu Sanren dared not follow, he nodded quickly and said: “Good master!”

Afterwards, he left the others outside the secret room, and entered the secret room together with Chang Shengbo.

In the secret room, before Chang Sheng Bo stood still, the Sanren Qingxu who was leading the way suddenly turned around, knelt down on his knees, and said respectfully: “Uncle Chang Qing, Qing Xu never thought that we would see each other again in this life.” Come to you! Please be respected by your disciples

! ”

Uncle Changsheng stretched out his hand to help him up, and said with a smile: “Although you are not my direct disciple, after all, you were raised by my junior brother and worshiped my junior brother as a teacher. In my eyes, you are the same as my direct disciple.”

Qingxu Sanren was very excited, and said respectfully: “Uncle Changqing, where have you been all these years? Why haven’t you returned to Changyun to take a look?”

Chang Shengbo asked back, “I’m back now, haven’t I?”

“Yes…” Qingxu Sanren nodded quickly, and asked again: “By the way, Master Changqing, you… what have you experienced outside these years, I wonder if you can tell the disciples, and let the disciples be fascinated One time!”

Chang Shengbo said with a smile, “Seventy years of life experience can be explained clearly in a few words.”

As he said that, seeing the disappointment on Qingxu Sanren’s expression, he said again: “But what I can tell you is that I have indeed found the method of longevity.”

Qingxu Sanren became excited again in an instant, and hurriedly asked: “Uncle Changqing…you…have you mastered the spiritual energy?!”

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