The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5551

into the night.

Chang Shengbo sat cross-legged in his temporary residence.

He seemed to be meditating with his eyes closed, but he was actually thinking about when he would leave for Jinling.

At this moment, a prompt popped up on his mobile phone, and it turned out that Master Ying was talking to him.

He immediately turned on the phone, entered the special software, and connected to the hero.

On the phone, the Lord Ying’s cold voice came: “Uncle Chang Sheng, I asked you to go to Jinling to find the whereabouts of Ye Changying’s son, why haven’t you left yet?”

Chang Shengbo quickly explained: “Master Ying, my subordinates have some ideas and want to report them to you boldly!”

The British Lord said coldly: “Say it!”

Chang Shengbo respectfully said: “My lord, my subordinates have always felt that Lin Wan’er is probably in Yanjing, so I have been looking for clues about her in Yanjing for the past two days. As for Jinling, my subordinates feel that, as you said, Ye Changying’s son has been in doubt for twenty years. If he had been in Jinling for such a long time, he would not have left just because his subordinates looked for Lin Wan’er for two more days. If he had chosen an opportunity to leave Jinling in the past twenty years, Then this subordinate will find it difficult to find clues to him when he goes to Jinling this time, so this subordinate feels that… the matter of Ye Changying’s son is not urgent, and finding Lin Wan’er as soon as possible right now is the best choice to truly relieve the British Lord’s worries!”

“Bastard!” The hero reprimanded sharply: “What you have to do is to obey all my orders, and you are not allowed to have any doubts or negligence, otherwise, you will be disobedient!”

Chang Shengbo hastily said: “Your subordinates will die, please forgive me, Lord Ying!”

The British Lord said coldly: “In the past, I don’t have to care about you, but from now on, if you continue to obey my orders, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”

Chang Shengbo said anxiously: “My lord, don’t worry, from now on, my subordinates will strictly carry out your orders!”

The British Lord said coldly: “Okay! This time you go to Jinling, I have another task for you!”

Chang Sheng Bo blurted out: “Please tell us clearly, Lord Ying!”

Lord Ying said: “I received news that the An family has already gone to Jinling! An Qishan, his wife, and their three sons and one daughter are all in Jinling Wanliu Villa at this time. I suspect that they are also looking for Ye Changying. The whereabouts of the sons, so I want you to go to Jinling and kill them all, leaving no one behind!”

Chang Shengbo was horrified: “Anjia?! Lord Ying, there is a mysterious force behind the Anjia to help, and if you assassinate him rashly, I wonder if there will be a risk of exposure?”

The British Lord snorted coldly: “What are you afraid of? Even if there are masters behind An’s family, that master’s strength cannot be greater than yours!”

As he said that, the British Lord said again: “Uncle Jiangong died because the other party ambushed him with close-in artillery, but in a place like Jinling, you don’t have to worry, it is absolutely impossible for someone to plant such a killer weapon in Jinling! By then You just rush into Wanliu Villa where you settled down and start killing, absolutely no one can stop you!”

Although Chang Shengbo was a little confused, he also knew that what the Lord Ying said had some truth, so he asked: “My Lord, after arriving in Jinling, should I kill An’s family first, or go to Ye Changying first?” son?”

The British Lord said coldly: “Kill An’s family first, if Ye Changying’s son is really alive, you will kill An’s family in Jinling, and you will definitely be able to force him to show up!”

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