The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5560

Lin Wan’er was quite curious when she heard Ye Chen said that as long as she took the elixir, her migraine could be cured.

She knew that her migraine was thanks to Ye Chen, so she also wanted to know what Ye Chen could do to cure her symptoms without sending spiritual energy to herself.

At this time, Ye Chen took out a blood-scattering heart-saving pill from his pocket.

And this blood-dispersing and saving-heart pill is an enhanced version that was later refined with the Taizhen Dao cauldron.

Ye Chen looked at the elixir and introduced it to the two of them: “This is a panacea that I got by accident a long time ago. I dare not say that it can bring the dead back to life, but it will cure all diseases.”

After speaking, Ye Chen said with some distress: “It’s just that there are not many left of this pill, so we have to save it, take half of it at a time, oh no, a quarter of it is enough.”

After finishing speaking, he looked at Claudia and asked her, “Is there a fruit knife?”

“Yes!” Claudia quickly took a fruit knife and handed it to Ye Chen. m.lin✸sh❋u❁g❋e.c✬om

Ye Chen put the elixir on the table, carefully cut off a quarter, and then handed it to Lin Wan’er, saying: “Xiao Wan, eat these elixir, it should be fine soon.”

Lin Wan’er was somewhat skeptical.

She felt that there was a high probability that Ye Chen’s elixir was not obtained by accident, as Ye Chen said, but it was more likely that Ye Chen refined it himself.

However, although she knew that Ye Chen mastered spiritual energy, she was not sure whether the elixir refined by Ye Chen was reliable, so she asked him cautiously: “Brother Ye Chen, is this elixir… just eaten directly?”

“Yes, eat directly.” Ye Chen nodded and urged: “You should eat quickly, it will be fine after you finish eating.”

“Okay…” Lin Wan’er picked up the pill, looked at it for a moment, and put it in her mouth.

The elixir melts in the mouth, and the pure power of the medicine immediately turns into a warm current, which spreads all over the body with the blood flow.

Immediately afterwards, all the warm currents gathered in his brain, as if the pain switch of the brain was instantly turned off, and all the pain disappeared in an instant!

Lin Wan’er was shocked immediately, and sighed in her heart: “I didn’t expect that Ye Chen could really make pills! And it’s such a powerful pill! It only took a quarter of a pill to heal the damage he caused to me. The medicinal properties of the elixir are really amazing…”

Claudia on the side asked Lin Wan’er curiously: “Xiao Wan, how do you feel? Is this pill effective?”

Lin Wan’er withdrew her thoughts, pretended to be extremely shocked and said, “My head doesn’t hurt at all…”

After all, she looked up at Ye Chen and said excitedly: “Brother Ye Chen, your elixir is too powerful!”

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