The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2739

The package is opened, and lying inside are two individually wrapped plastic bags.
He Zhiqiu looked at the two pure black clothes with lace edges, and his embarrassed face became hot.
Although I had guessed that it must be underwear, I didn’t expect it to be black with lace.
In fact, He Zhiqiu never wears this kind of fancy and somewhat over-the-top underwear. She is a pragmatist. She likes to wear close-fitting clothes with solid colors and skin-friendly fabrics. After all, in her opinion, comfort is the most important thing.
However, Ye Chen bought them all at the moment, and there are no other options, so she can only bite the bullet and open it, thinking:’Anyway, let’s dress for a while before going out. My personal belongings are all in the United States. -Some of the luggage and clothing are in Syria. I didn’t bring anything when I returned home. I had to wait until I met my father before buying them in bulk. ”
Immediately, she blushed and opened one of the underwear Ye Chen bought for herself.
This is a piece of clothing worn on the upper body, so the first thing He Zhiqiu does after opening it is to look at the size.
She usually doesn’t like to wear clothes that show her figure, so it is easy to be mistaken for a flat figure, but in fact, at 1.7 meters tall, she has a super hot figure. The front and back are only basic, and it is everywhere. The s-shaped curve is not much better than those supermodels.
It is also because He Zhiqiu’s figure is really too hot. Since she was in college, she rarely provokes some nasty suitors because her figure is too good. Even many people, like dog skin plasters, have brought a huge impact to her study and life. Influence, so she has never worn any clothes that can accentuate her figure since then.
For example, in summer, wear loose clothes as much as possible, and never wear skirts above the knees to avoid showing slender legs.
But in winter, I dress myself very bloated, and I can’t see the convexity and curve of the figure at all.
Ye Chen was fooled by this.
He looked at He Zhiqiu as if she had some body shape, so she decided that she had no stock on her chest and bought the smallest a cup directly.
However, the true situation of He Zhiqiu is at least two sizes larger than it.
Therefore, when she tried on the dress that Ye Chen bought, she was speechless to the extreme, and mumbled involuntarily: “Is my figure so well hidden and so easy to be caught?
How can people wear this
If you wear it hard, you will be strangled and breathless, right?
Thinking of this, she couldn’t help sighing, and then thought: “It must be because I have always been subjectively unwilling to show off my figure, and that’s why Mr. Ye has such a big error and prejudice. It seems that I will not be able to do this in the future, otherwise.
I thought I was a princess Taiping
He Zhiqiu sighed, then looked at the dress in front of him, and decided to gritted his teeth before putting it on.
Afterwards, she opened the other bag and took out the clothing that was as thin as a cicada’s wings.
She held the piece of clothing with both hands and took a look, she suddenly screamed, and subconsciously threw the piece of clothing out, and then immediately covered her hot face, and her heart rate was almost twice as fast as before. !
“Mr. Ye, how could he
He Zhiqiu touched her hot face, and muttered ashamedly in her mouth: “How could Mr. Ye buy this kind of clothes for me? It’s too explicit.
“Is he unintentional? But, before buying clothes, he must have seen the style? Can’t you see that this kind of clothes is too explicit?
Did he do it on purpose?
But why did he deliberately buy this kind of underwear for me? Is it deliberately mischievous, or has some nasty taste?
He Zhiqiu felt weird all over, and looking at the piece of clothing she threw on the ground, she was almost certain that she would never wear such disgusting things in her life.
However, she quickly overthrew what she had just decided in her mind.
“If you don’t wear this, there is no solution! It is really unacceptable to wear dirty, or simply not wear it.
“It seems that this is just barely enough
Accept one-

Thinking of this, she didn’t even bother to speculate on Ye Chen’s motives, gritted her teeth, and picked up the piece of clothing she had thrown away again.
Ten minutes later, the doorbell in Ye Chen’s room rang.
He opened the door, and the one standing outside the door was indeed a completely new He Zhiqiu.

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